Thursday, July 7, 2016

Taking a leap into the world of Horology

Hi all, Raven here! 

Recently we have been receiving a lot of emails regarding how to increase ones knowledge of Horology. (Something I am in need of too!)  Because of this Nick, Josh and Tyler have given their recommendations for a few books which they think are the best for a new starter.

1. Complete Price Guide to Watches written by Richard E. Gilbert, Tom Engle & Cooksey Shugart. 
This is around $20+ on Amazon. A new one is released each year. Here is a link for the current 2016 one. 

2. Omega - A Journey through Time written by Marco Richon.
This one is a lot more expensive and rather difficult to find. The ISBN: 978-2-9700562-2-5. It is however the best book written on the brand and very highly valued. It's voluminous and extremely worth every cent.

3. Practical Watch Repairing written by Donald De Carle. This one is our apprentice watchmaker, Tyler's pick.
You can find this on Amazon for $6.99+ here. This book will enhance your appreciation for mechanical watches.

4. Longitude - The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time written by Dava Sobel.
This book is available on Amazon for just a couple of cents. The link to purchase is here.
Longitude is Josh’s choice to recommend to beginners. This book is written in the form of a novel and will open a whole the new world of horology.

Together, these four books will be up to a year’s worth of reading, and the cost isn’t too vast. The knowledge you receive in return is priceless.

Happy collecting!

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