Friday, July 29, 2016

Watch Talk Night - coming soon

***We're very excited to extend an invitation to a very special Watch Talk Night which will be held in August, probably in the last week (date tbc). 
The topic of the night is 'Get Into Watchmaking With Seiko 7S26 - Do It Yourself Style'.

For anyone even remotely interested in the inner workings of a watch, and especially those who want to give it a go (disassembling and assembling a wristwatch) this is a night not to be missed.
We will talk in detail about which tools are required for DIY watchmaking, what the challenges are of disassembly/assembly, and how much skills and effort are required to successfully complete the project.

If you’re worried that age or lack of skills could be a hurdle then rest assured that in the past four years hundreds of watch enthusiasts worldwide have successfully completed the challenge, following our online DIY course. So there is no reason why you should not give it a go. The set-up costs are around $250 which would include the acquisition of a new mechanical Seiko watch, which makes the DIY a great project even for students on a budget. 

There will be a practical demonstration on screwdriver sharpening by Tyler (who will be doing most of the talk as well) but Josh and I will also be there to answer all your questions. This will be a 2 hour presentation, the cost is $40 per person and seats are strictly limited to 12. Book your seat now.

Happy collecting,

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