Tuesday, November 29, 2016

rebelde project update: screws!

***rebelde project update: screws!

One of the very first watch components we intend to manufacture in-house are watch screws. There are 9 different types of screws in the rebelde in-house mechanism and right now, we've completed the design of four.
While the screws may look huge, the thread size is only 1 millimetre across, with a pitch of 0.25mm.  

The CAD files will be soon sent to German tool makers who will make the cutters. Swedish material suppliers will supply the raw material: long spaghetti bars of 316L surgical steel. After that, the CAD files will be converted to CAM (this is the type of file which 'speaks' the language of our automatic CNC lathe). Once the lathe, tools and steel arrive in Sydney, we will commence the actual manufacturing. The screws will then be hardened, polished to a mirror finish (by hand!) and then finally tempered and blued.

At the moment, it is Josh who spends more time of his time doing design, but Tyler is equally proficient in both measuring and drawing as well. One step at the time!

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