Tuesday, January 3, 2017


If you have recently subscribed to my mailing list then allow me to briefly outline what we do and why you should stay with us throughout 2017 and beyond.

The majority of our 7,000+ newsletter subscribers are watch enthusiasts and watch collectors. Some of them are relatively new to horology while others have been around long enough to pile up a decent watch collection.
But what truly matters is not how many watches you have - it is the knowledge of the watches and the excitement of finding that perfect one (or two) that will keep you excited.

My role here is a simple one: I look for that special piece, ensure that it the best example you and I can afford, confirm that it is in decent working order and genuine in all aspects - and then ensure you will receive it exactly as described, in the fastest and most secure time.
In other words - I work for you and get paid by you.

Of course, you may say that I am just another salesman who wants your money. But I have absolutely no doubt that you will soon discover that I am anything but yet another watch dealer.

It happens that I have been into watch repairing since I can remember. Actually, I am a third generation watchmaker, keeping the trade in my family. As if that is not enough, three years ago, to prove a point, I started my own watch brand; rebelde watch is designed and assembled in Sydney which is really something I am very proud of. So when you receive my newsletter, you know it comes from someone who knows his stuff: from a real watchmaker.

But enough about me. Let me go straight into something that is far more important.

What makes my business different than any competitors are these 3 important facts:

1. I only deal in watches I understand
There are countless brands and models out there, available on the preowned market. However, I almost exclusively deal in just a few brands and models. Watches like Rolex Submariner, GMT Master, Omega Moonwatch, Cartier Tank or Breitling Navitimers. These watches I understand. This is the stuff I've been handling for years and I know them inside out. I am not ashamed to admit that I really have no clue about watches like Rolex Skymaster, or anything about Hubolt. Or Oris. Even a brand like Panerai is still a mystery to me. I am completely clueless about many other watches, so I stick with stuff I know. So when you buy a watch form me, you can rest assured that you are dealing with an expert in his field.

2. I sell my own stock (no consignment)
Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not take the watches on consignment. Therefore while my inventory is much smaller than of my competitors, each and every watch is my own piece. I don't work for a third party, I am not paid a commission to sell something which is overpriced or junk, or something I don't believe in. If a particular watch is not good enough for a dealer to put in his own money, then you should stay away from such a piece yourself. It is not the size of a dealer’s inventory that matters - it is the quality and value for money of each individual watch that should matter to you.

3. I love watches which can be locked up for 10 years
When I buy a watch (which is a few times per day) the first question I ask myself is this: if I were to lock this watch up in a bank deposit box for 10 years, would this watch be still a good piece to have in 2027? Would I be able to sell it then, with some profit, and still beat inflation? If I drop dead tonight and my wife was left with my stock, would she be able to sell the entire stock to dealers and still make a small profit? If the answer to these questions is yes, only then am I ready to assess the watch further.

You don't have to be a genius to figure out that the Omega Moonwatch will remain a desirable piece for years to come. The claim to fame to be 'the first watch worn on the moon' is simply one no other competitor can make. Its mechanism - Calibre 1861 - is one of the best and most reliable chronographs, and they don't make it anymore! Likewise, a Rolex Submariner cannot be imitated by Omega, or Patek or any other brand. Ladies Cartier Tank has been around for almost 100 years, outlived all the fashion styles, wars and stock crashes. I would bet my last dollar that as long as Cartier is in the watch business, the Tank will remain their bestselling model.

Yes there are exceptions and trends, and yes, sometimes, I do change my mind on a certain piece, or make a mistake. But overall, if you follow my newsletter then most likely you will not only learn a thing or two about horology but you’ll also have some fun along the way. The worst that could happen is you end up buying a nice pre-loved watch from someone you trust.

Finally, here is the reason why I spend many hours every week composing and sending my newsletter: while I do this for living I clearly understand that for you, horology is only a hobby. I too have a hobby (amateur radio) but unlike you, there is not a single newsletter out there written by an amateur radio expert, which could entertain me and offer me an opportunity to buy that nice vintage radio I have always wanted and dreamed about. If there was, such a daily newsletter would brighten my day. And while I probably wouldn't spend a great deal of money, lusting over the photos and learning more would be the reward in itself. I hope my watch newsletter will do exactly the same for you.

Have a great 2017.
Nick Hacko

P.S. It would be completely misleading not to point out that our apprentice Tyler is a regular contributor to this newsletter with his unique, easily recognizable style. Laura, our head assistant does an excellent job of fixing my errors and is in charge of editing and writing watch descriptions. At times, other junior helpers (remember Ellie?) do chip in for which I remain grateful. Watch photos are taken by whoever is closest to the camera.

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