Thursday, May 18, 2017

rebelde Workshop Update

***rebelde workshop update

We are on day 2 of machinery setup. 
Good news first: the lathe and bar feeder survived the trip arriving in excellent condition. The electrical installation was straight-forward and our custom-made power supply works fine. The air compressor, air coolant and filtering are working great and are quiet. The hydraulics system is connected, lubricants are running; the brass machining is quiet and effortless. We do have one small set-back: the coolant for 316L steel that was supplied locally is of the 'wrong' viscosity. The new 200 litre drum is on its way so we'll have to wait until Tuesday to run 316L test parts. For those of you who appreciate details: one litre of low viscosity coolant costs twice the price of the finest cold pressed Greek olive oil! And it is not available in any quantity less than a 200 litre drum. This is just one of many unplanned 'investments', but not a show-stopper.

The second setback: Mark, the German engineer, is not a big fan of Vegemite! Luckily for him, we have two weeks to refine his fine taste.

The first, fully automated, Australian-made watch parts were manufactured today, at 10:45 in a quiet beach suburb of Sydney.  The life-long journey of learning, machining, improving and designing kicked in a second later...

My very special ' thank you' goes to each member of our tiny team: Josh, Laura, Tyler and Robyn. Without their help the rebelde project would be just a dream.

Stay tuned!


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