Monday, November 13, 2017

Introducing Titanium L40

Over the years, Swiss watch manufacturers figured out that the best-selling watches are those that can be attributed, associated or worn by celebrities; James Bond, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen are just a few examples. Then, to further create desire for mass-produced watches, Swiss marketing employed the concept of "Limited Edition". It is fair to say that the Swiss didn't invent it, but Swiss watch brands are milking the concept to the extreme.  Special Edition and Anniversary watches which were originally released for a 'special occasion' shamelessly remained in production for half a decade!  While only a few years ago a run of 500 pieces could be called 'Limited Edition', the production quantity is now stretching to 2000, 5000 - or even 15000 pieces - all described as "LIMITED". Even a naïve novice would have to wonder what is so special about such huge production outputs?
The title says it all. Again, the job of a marketing department is to somehow magically turn mass-produced machine-made items into something that is luxury, limited, rare - and ultimately - collectable. But the very definition of a mass-produced watch contradicts all four objectives. A collectable watch is one which is rare and hard to find; and luxury always means something which is exclusive and not affordable to the masses.
It's simple: to reject mass-produced commercialism and offer a TRULY LIMITED production run of watches. While there is nothing wrong in selling standard issues to your customers, limited edition pieces must adhere to a special set of rules; a batch produced in a small quantity, for a strictly limited period of time. Upfront and transparent communication with customers is the cornerstone of any limited series.
Last year, we introduced rebelde FIFTY - the watch that comes with a 50 year guarantee. In addition, all regular servicing, all spare parts and leather straps required to keep the watch going for 50 years are included in the original price. While this was a shock to everyone within the watchmaking industry, our customers were hardly surprised. Properly educated watch enthusiasts are not naïve; they have refined expectations and understand the importance of mutual trust and respect. Rebelde FIFTY simply means: we have no competition; we are not a start-up crowdfunded business. We are proper watchmakers and we are here to stay.
Today, we are taking our project to the next level. I am extremely pleased to announce Nicholas Hacko Titanium L40. The TiL40 is not only a batch consisting of just 40 pieces, but only ONE watch will be assembled and delivered each month. The first "red chocolate" (02/40) will be delivered on November 16, 2017 and the last one (number 40) on January 16, 2021.
YOU ARE SPECIAL, and so are we.
In the sea of mass-produced watches, your L40 will stand out in a very special way. This watch signifies an important partnership between YOU, the owner and your personal watchmaker. Neither party is in a hurry; neither party is in it for monetary gain. Workmanship we can be proud of cannot be rushed. Patience and persistence always pays off.
"Red Chocolate" SPECS
Titanium, 45mm case size, chocolate brown dial, red seconds hand, powered by Swiss made Unitas 6498 movement, manual wind. Fitted on the calf brown leather strap with rebelde buckle. Mid-case: brushed finish, high-gloss bezel. Sapphire crystal glass. Water resistance: 10 bar. Power reserve: 36 hours. 5 year guarantee. Designed, assembled and adjusted in Australia.
Price: $3,000.
How to place your order?
It's simple: to place your order call 02 9232-0500 or email me at If you are calling, then ask to be put through to me directly as I want to personally take your order, tell you when your watch is ready for collection and I especially want to thank you for your support. All orders will be processed strictly in the way they arrive and your serial number will be allocated and secured with your $500 deposit. Balance is payable at the time of delivery.
Is L01/40 available as well?
The first watch to be completed and released is L02/40 in just 3 days. As with previous releases, the very first watch, L01/40 remains in our stock as a prototype. This will allow us, if needed, to re-make casing and dial components in the future.
... and an apology for a rather average photo. You are more than welcome to inspect L40 in person, try it on, check it out and photograph it on your wrist. Your FB friends will love it.
PS:  By the way, our new NH website is now officially online.  Tyler did a fairly decent job in translating a cacophony of opinions into a practical mobile-friendly website.  Check it out at

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