Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Watch Talk Night: Next Week

Over the years we've done quite a few watch talk nights on various subjects:  Some were about watch collecting, watch repairing, vintage Rolexes, ship chronometers and time keeping, while others were on a dozen more topics I can't even remember now! What I do remember, however, is that our meetings always lasted far longer than intended; we always have a great time chatting, exchanging ideas, learning and just simply "talking watches". 

The Watch Talk night scheduled for next week (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) is quite a different event. We would like to invite you to a two-hour presentation on watch parts manufacturing or, more precisely:  What kind of equipment, machinery and tooling is required to set up a watchmaking facility in Sydney, what are the challenges, and what kind of skills and mindset are necessary to solve countless problems. Basically, Josh and Tyler will walk you through the past 18 months of their lives. This is a presentation not to be missed.

It will also be a unique opportunity to bring along your 12-18 years old kids to. I guarantee they will be impressed and motivated to pursue their interests more vigorously and seriously and learn a lot on the night. If your own kids are not of that age, then bring along your smart niece or nephew. Kids will remember it forever and it could be life-changing! 

As always, seats are strictly limited so you need to act promptly and book yours as soon as possible. Cost: $50 per person. Please let us know which night is preferred: either Tuesday the 14th or Wednesday the 15th, starting at 6pm sharp. Location: Level 4, 67 Castlereagh St Sydney 2000.
Call (02) 9232-0500 or email nick@clockmaker.com.au.

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