Friday, December 1, 2017

No worries, darling, only 29 years to retirement

You had so much to offer. You had potential, attitude and a good education. Not to mention that from the age of 3 everyone was saying how clever you were.  You had big dreams, imagination and charisma.
Yet, for some strange and inexplicable reason, you ended up working for a multinational, doing the most boring job on the floor. The same boring repetitive job day in, day out. Your boss is an obnoxious moron who wears Hublot. Your wife asks you "So, how was your day" - not expecting any answer. And what could you really tell her? That 150K per year may sound like good money - if that would be compensation for the hours you slave. But how in the world did you end up trading your SOUL for an unlimited supply of lukewarm coffee and tasteless snacks?
And what kind of hobby would you have to take up to preserve those last remaining bits of sanity? Perhaps, you just repeat to her what you said yesterday: "No worries, darling, only 29 years to retirement, so I'll put up with them".
Make no mistake - unless you DO SOMETHING NOW and take some action, kick the multinational in the gut, steamroll your bosses Hublot and simply QUIT that boring job, you will end up as a brainless vegetable. 
And make no mistake - your next job too will be just another deal with the devil. But this time, make sure you get the fair end of the bargain: Do something you LOVE and ENJOY. 
No, you are not too old to take up a watchmaking apprenticeship. And you wouldn't believe your luck: we just happen to be looking for a kid just like you! 
A smart, hard working, well-educated dreamer with imagination and charisma to join one of the most exciting watchmaking projects in Australia. Yes, the pay is ordinary (but hey - we don't set rates, that's the Government's job!) but as you have already figured out, a good job is not about money but satisfaction and creativity. 
I am not going to sell this too hard. Let me just tell you that in 6 weeks Josh and Tyler will be flying to Germany, to be once again trained by a world leader in micro-machining. Yes, all expenses paid for, and yes, there will be PLENTY of snow. And since neither of them drink, YOU will be the one to do the after-hours partying with the German staff. I think the company moto is "Oktoberfest all year around", or something like that.
Our business plan for the next 12 months? We have no target, no clue and an unlimited budget! (Eat your heart out Google and Amazon!). No pressure. Just plenty of fine precision work, endless hours of learning, making, designing and measuring. Two great young team members and a third generation watchmaker who'll teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about watches. As well, you'll go through training in a dedicated watchmaking course at Sydney TAFE run by a Swiss-trained watchmaker with decades of experience.
The choice is yours. Please don't send your CV and resume, I don't need to see it. Instead, send me a photo of something that you made yourself out of wood, metal or even LEGO (an object that shows your creativity and design capabilities) or something that you fixed, restored and returned to life recently.  Then call me on (02) 9232-0500 to visit us on Monday. We'll have a chat and sit you down for a test. If you fail, we'll ask you to retake it, again and again, until you break every screwdriver and pair of tweezers in our workshop. 
This will tell us whether you've got what it takes to call yourself a watchmaker: a serious determination to succeed, and an ability to solve any problem, no matter what, where or when.
I'm waiting to hear from you.

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