Monday, November 7, 2011

Kevin '07 - 2077 ?

You just have to feel sorry for poor Kevin.

No, I am not talking about his political carrier - it's his watch choice that
makes me pull my hair!

I don't follow politics. My first notice of Kevin was his regular appearance on morning TV back around 2005. At that time, he was wearing his trustworthy conservative-looking Omega Constellation. A watch which suits him perfectly well: accurate, reliable and bloody boring.

Then came 2007 and Kevin - now the prime minister - was still clinging to his Omega.

Well nothing wrong with that, you may say.

I disagree.

While his personal choice is his personal choice, as a PM he was representing our nation and that should have been taken into account. Sitting across the table or rubbing shoulders with Putin, Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi or the Dalai Lama would have been a traumatic experience for any watch owner - but obviously not for our Kevin.

Bill Clinton: "So what do you wear today, Kev?"
(Bill wears many watches, but favors Panerai)
Kev: "My Omega Bill."
Bill Clinton: "Cool. Is that the same one you've been wearing since last year?"
Kev: "Yes, actually I had it since my twenty-first. Got it from Prouds on my very first trip to Brisbane. It cost me a bloody fortune, but it keeps perfect time".

Fast forward 4 years - and our jetsetting foreign minister Kev is now rubbing shoulders with even more dignitaries.

"Hey Kevin how's things down under? I see you still wear that Omega" - asks
Milo Djukanovic, premier of the smallest European banana republic, Montenegro.
(Milo wears Breguet Tourbillon)
"Yes mate - and I've only had two battery replacements since 1994."
"Good on ya, Kev. You are the legend".

Of course, over the years, some leaders did take pity on Kevin and made some serious attempts to refine his horological taste. Blair suggested Rolex, Putin even offered his Patek. Berlusconi voted for Vacheron repeater (500K Euros) - same as his, but with white dial. All in vain. Even Sarkozy gave up - our Kev could not care less for Patek or IWC. "Sorry Carla, please explain to your hubbie that I just don't need another watch when this one still goes like a rocket! And my Theresa loves it too - and that's all that matters to me."

Kev just won't budge. He could not care less! And why should he? - when the leader of the opposition wears what appears to be a 75 dollar Rip Curl Divers Quartz?

With such an opposition, every day in office is just another day in Paradise.