Thursday, October 17, 2013

$1 Rolex: Brace yourself for an insane offer !

I'm known in the watch industry for being different.

I buy watches, sell watches, repair watches, and run two of the only watch newsletters every week for my customers. I run my business my way, and very much enjoy what I do.

Next week, however, I might go a little too far. There is a limit to craziness, and discounting a watch over 99.9% is somewhere even ebay veterans fear to go.

This next week's Premium Newsletter will contain an offer for one person to buy a Rolex Explorer II (serial number starting with Z) for the insane price of... just $1.

Now this is how we're going to do it:

1. The first Premium subscriber to reply to the newsletter offer will get the watch
2. The watch must be paid for in full ($1), and picked up in person from our shop in Sydney.
If you are not from Sydney, you can send a friend/relative to pick it up on your behalf.

If you're not already a Premium subscriber ( ) then sign up as soon as possible to get in on the action. Then keep an eye on your inbox and your trigger finger on your mouse while you wait for our premium email to arrive in your inbox sometimes between Monday Oct 21 - Friday Oct 25.

As you know, this Rolex Explorer II on the pre-owned market would run $5,000-$6,000+. The picture above is the actual picture of the Explorer II.

Obviously, the first reason for such a deal is to get you subscribed to my Premium newsletter.

The second reason for this crazy sale: I've always wanted to be known as the dealer who sold a Rolex for $1. I simply want to be the first to claim such an insane title.

Let's have some fun!

Happy collecting,

Nick Hacko

And the winner is: Tomas Price!

Congratulations to Tomas Price, whose swift fingers allowed him to clinch our Rolex deal. We were able to film the entire event from the moment we sent the email out, and all the chaos that followed. Fun fact: While selling a Rolex can take hours to months depending on the type of client, selling a Rolex for $1 only takes 26 seconds. I'd like to thank everyone for participating and making our first event of this type a great success - keep your eyes peeled for more to come. You can view the video here. Pictures of our winner picking up his watch are shown below:

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