Thursday, January 22, 2015

Geneva Waves

For the first time in many months, I am speechless. The Geneva Waves finish, also known as Côtes de Genève, is characterized by a series of arc-grained bars etched lightly onto a highly polished surface, creating a wave-like effect. This particular finish, which is purely for aesthetic purposes, was historically reserved only for the embellishment of high-grade movements.

The Whille Unitas movement that we use in the Rebelde watch is more of a robust and reliable workhorse than a show pony; our Swiss supplier is working hard to impress us. All the movements used so far have 9 stripes, with the central stripe being positioned over the middle (centre) minute wheel.

I also have a few more movements with 18 stripes. But it is not the number of stripes that matter: it is the overall precision of polishing and arc 'grain' that makes the finish attractive. A detail like this is what separates Rebelde from many other Swiss-made watches.

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