Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good old times :-)

Sharing private photos with strangers is probably not a good idea, but hey - some of you have been receiving my newsletters for over 10 years so technically speaking, you no longer fit in that "strangers" category.

The guy on the right is my father. Photo was taken in 1961 when he was watchmaker at his brother's workshop. His older brother Mihailo completed his 'mastership' just before the WW2 and after the war he set up his own business. For many years, the town of 50,000 people was blessed (or cursed?) with not less than 7 watch repair establishments! Talk about competition..!

And here is a photo taken during a trip to Austria in 1967. I guess standing behind the sun dial ("sun clock") was such a natural thing for a watchmaker. (I am the fatso on the right) People often ask: how did you get into the watch business? Well it's simple - I had no choice...

My father just turned 71 and his brother (I call him grandpa) is in his 90s. Both still fiddle with clocks and watches, and for over 60 years, family business is still at the same address!

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