Thursday, February 16, 2012

Solid end link, no pin holes, gold strip

We often receive emails about Rolex Submariner pin holes, gold strip and end links. In general those terms refer to bracelet and case properties. Photos below are self-explanatory. Important note: the purpose of this article is not to provide definite cut-off production dates, but rather to point out differences between similar models.

According to Rolex's practice, changes to case and bracelet were introduced gradually over the years. For example, the non-date Submariner 14060 was manufactured with pin-holes and an older style bracelet up until 2008. On the other hand, the Seadweller 16660 was fitted with a solid end link bracelet in the early 1980s! The 16613 gold and steel was the only clean-cut issue: the new bracelet was introduced in 2000 and the no pin holes case in late 2003/ early 2004.

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