Monday, August 18, 2014

California dial (agian!)

*** Hey, we got more online 'press'

Thanks to a quick 'selfie' of Craig Gilbert's I 69/75, our rebelde appeared at Facebook page of Watch Time magazine. Apparently, the Watch Time is America's #1 watch magazine. Craig's photo was published and got over 1,000 likes and 40 shares!

You can check it out here (and add your rebelde photo if you wish)

Of course, few commentators were quick to label rebelde as a Panerai tribute, copy and even Panerai fake. I guess those naive and misinformed comments stem from California-style dial which is now associated with watches made by Panerai.

The truth is, Panerai was just one of MANY brands who in 1930s made watches with mix of Roman and Arabic numerals and there is nothing to suggest that California dial is an exclusive Panerai style. (Panerai actually never made such claim).

Here is just one example of Rolex Cal dial, as featured on the cover of soon to be released Rolex Story book:

Happy collecting!