Friday, January 22, 2021

Brand New Seiko of the Day


The all new Seiko Samurai Manta Ray 2021 is here!
Last year Seiko introduced to the world the ‘Save the ocean’ Manta Ray special edition watches in both the Samurai (SRPE33K) and the Turtle (SRPE39K) cases. These watches were a smash hit particularly because of their special textured dials with gradient blue and black colouring and imagery of Manta Rays gliding through the ocean. 

Seiko, to start the year off on a high note have released two new models of the Mantra Ray special editions, both in the same respective cases as the previous iteration but with two main differences. 

The new Samurai SRPF79K1 now comes fitted with a brand new Seiko silicon strap which is a complete change from the standard strap that Seiko has been producing for decades. This new strap comes with a more modern, simple design, with a flat, textured finish in a dark pastel blue colour.

While the dial carries on the same design as the last, it is now a more subtle grey/blue colour when compared with the last set and it should also be noted that the Manta Rays are now in different positions on the dial.

The watch is fitted with a ceramic knurled edged bezel and the same knurled pattern is followed on the crown which gives the watch an unmistakable, samurai series look.

Once again, this is a special edition watch and we have received only one watch. A small curiosity is that this watch was assembled in October 2020, which means that Seiko are working hard to supply enough watches to the market. 

Would I wear it? Absolutely yes! While the Manta Ray watches are obviously designed for professional divers, sailors and surfers of which I am none, I am sold on the blue/grey dial and unbelievably comfortable silicon strap. The 43.8mm case size gives the watch a respectable and professional feel and for only $950, this is simply a bargain!

Again, my only "complaint" is for the unfortunate fact that at this point in time we only have one Manta Ray in stock. 
Seiko Prospex Save the Oceans SRPF79K

43.8mm case size.
Greyish blue manta ray dial.
Sapphire crystal.
Automatic movement - calibre 4R35.
Water resistance 200M

Price: $950

The new toy in action!


It's called a surface grinder - a CN machine which grinds down metal surfaces to be perfectly flat and level. The machining process is abrasive: a diamond grinding wheel which is spinning at a high speed to grind away differences in height. 

The end result is a perfectly flat piece of metal. In watchmaking, surface grinding is essential for both tool making and parts manufacturing. 

Here is a quick 30 seconds video of Josh explaining the grinding process. Yes, once again, we are talking microns -

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The rainbow done right

Early last year we saw Breitling release a new series of watches called the ‘heritage 57’. There was a lot of buzz around these watches particularly because of one certain model, the Breitling heritage 57 ‘rainbow’ which features a multicoloured spectrum of colours on the hour markers of the watch. While many commended the bold design, it copped a lot of hate because well, a rainbow spectrum of colours is a hard thing to pull off tastefully on a watch. 

Seiko have never seemed to shy away from a challenge and have always been bold with their design choices so it was fitting that when Seiko released their limited edition, Japan only Pokémon watch series, they took the challenge to tastefully incorporate a rainbow into their design. This was done on the SCXP179 also known as the Eevee. 

The dial of the watch is a tan finish with a small image of the Pokémon Eevee at 6 o'clock in a darker shade of tan, to represent the colour of the characters fur coat. It also features a white Poke ball for the 12 o'clock marker, which is a nice touch. But, more importantly, the hour markers around the dial are an array of colours to represent something quite unique to this Pokémon. While Pokémon are famous for their ability to evolve into new versions of themselves with added abilities, Eevee is iconic for being able to evolve into 8 different versions of itself, all in different colours. These colours, green, pink, yellow, blue, red, purple, black and dark blue are represented as the hour markers on the dial which is a nod to this unique character, not only that but it is subtle and tasteful. The watch also comes with a tan NATO strap to match the dial and comes fitted with a brown leather NATO strap with the character's paw prints pressed into the strap. 

Better luck next time Breitling, but I think Seiko wins this one. 

Note: We do not have any Pokémon currently in stock however we are working hard to source a few from Japan.

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Mewtwo


The second watch featured in the Pokémon Seiko collaboration series is SCXP181 or better known as 'The Mewtwo’.

The watch features a subtle patterned purple dial with a large picture of the character Mewtwo. Mewtwo is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful Pokémon characters, created by the arch nemesis of main character Ash, Team Rocket. 

Many fans regard Mewtwo as the ‘first Pokémon character’ as it was the first Pokémon seen on screen in the intro of the English dubbed version of the original Pokémon series released in the late 90’s, you can check it out here:

The watches caseback features an engraving of a Master Ball, a rare Poke Ball that is more powerful than a regular Poke ball and increases the chances of catching Mewtwo. The box also has the same colour scheme and design as a Master Ball as opposed to the classic red and white Poke ball design seen on the other watch boxes in this series. It also comes with a matching purple NATO strap as well as the black and purple backing leather NATO that comes fitted on the watch. 

We don’t see purple dial watches very often but we definitely haven’t seen one as iconic and cool as this one before. Again, this is a Japanese only release and the watch has not be offered for sale anywhere else in the world however we do have one in stock. 

Overall condition: 10/10; unworn

Price: $590

“Gotta catch ‘Em all”, starting with this one…


Pokémon is one of the most universally recognisable brands out of Japan, it is no wonder considering it is the highest grossing media franchise of all time, beating out the likes of Hello kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and even Star Wars. 

Late last year Seiko decided to team up with Pokémon to create a range of cool watches featuring unique designs and styling inspired by the world of Pokémon and its characters. They created a set of four Japan exclusive watches, one of them in that set being SCXP177, the ‘Green Pikachu’ 35mm, battery operated. While there are over 900 Pokémon ‘characters’ there is none more iconic than Pikachu.
The main feature of this watch is the dial, it is a stunning green sunburst inspired by the Viridian Forest, a fictional forest in the world of Pokémon where trainers can seek wild Pikachu. The dial also features a picture of Pikachu running at 6 o'clock as well as a bright yellow seconds hand featuring the same lightning bolt tail as Pikachu. 

The watch comes with two straps, a bright yellow NATO strap to match Pikachu of course as well as a leather NATO strap with Pikachu’s little footprints pressed into the leather. This set comes presented in a Poké Ball inspired box with a picture of Pikachu on the inside.

Whether you’re a diehard Pokémon fan with a first edition holographic Charizard, or you just appreciate cool watches, then this is the one for you. Unfortunately Seiko Pokémon is only available in Japan (that's where our set came from). We might have another one for sale so if you are interested, send us an email.

Stay tuned for more of these Pokémon special editions. 

The adventurers watch


In 1961, Seiko introduced to the world the Alpinist series. The series was inspired by the Yama-otoko - mountain men that worked or spent time in the mountains. The main goal for the alpinist was to provide a reliable, rugged and accurate timepiece for mountain adventurers. 

Sixty years on and the Seiko alpinist series is still in production, making it the 3rd oldest Seiko sub brand. The current Alpinist series got its iconic design update in 1995, but that is a story within itself that can be read here:

Late last year Seiko released 3 new Alpinist watches with a bold new design choice - a gradient coloured dial with a textured finish. The dial still features the same numeral and hour marker design but now with a creme coloured finish rather than the original metal markers, adding to the ‘vintage’ feel. The traditional hand cathedral hand style has been carried through to these models as well. The watch is part of the Prospex ‘Land series’, which means it is 200 metres waterproof, a staple of the Prospex line, but not only that, it is also Made in Japan. 

There are three models available, the green SPB155J1 which comes on a metal bracelet, the blue SPB157J1 which comes on a stunning blue leather strap and the grey SPB159J1 which comes on the same leather strap in black. 
Seiko SPB155J1 - Green

38mm case size
Sapphire crystal
Automatic movement - calibre 6R35
water resistance 200M

Price: $1,100
Seiko SPB157J1 - Blue
Price: $1,050
Seiko SPB159J1 - Grey
Price: $1,050

Brand new Seiko of the day - The Seiko PADI just got a new big brother


New Release 2021 - PADI SUMO 45mm
It's no secret that Seiko makes some of the coolest dive watches out there, and it is no wonder considering how synonymous the brand is with being a rugged, no nonsense, reliable ‘beater’. 

While there are many editions and iterations that Seiko has presented throughout the years, there is none more of a ‘Crown jewel’ to this legacy than their famous PADI Turtle.  

PADI is the largest dive certification and training centre in the world with over 6,300 Dive Centers and more than 136,000 qualified PADI professional instructors around the world. PADI has issued an amazing 24 million certifications and has done more than any other organisation to introduce diving to the world. 

The Seiko PADI series was created to bring together the two companies that share the same fundamental belief on diving
  •  It should be practised safely and be accessible to anyone. 
Originally Seiko chose the Turtle for the PADI special edition and throughout the years has released various different versions and styles with the same iconic blue and red bezel design. Seiko has now decided to release a new edition of their PADI series, the PADI Sumo. 

It shares all the same fundamental design styling of the Sumo series such as the sharp, modern case design, solid and extremely legible bezel but with the main difference being the iconic red and blue PADI bezel insert. But even more importantly, unlike the PADI Turtle, it is Made in Japan. 
Seiko Prospex PADI SPB181J

45mm case size
Black dial
Sapphire crystal
Automatic movement - calibre 6R35
Water resistance 200M

Price: $1,295

BREAKING NEWS: Omega releases a new Moon watch

“The king is dead, long live the king!”

Let’s start with the most important bit: the new Speedmaster Pro 310. (previously 311. is listed at AUD$ 9,575 which is exactly $2,000 more than the ‘old’ one.

While the watch looks identical from the dial side, there are couple of important upgrades. First: the mechanism. The Cal 1861 has been replaced with Cal 3861, the co-axial ‘chronometer rated’ escapement with silicon hair spring. The case back is now signed “Flight qualified by NASA in 1965 for all manned space missions” and “the first watch worn on the moon”. Also, the watch is fitted with a new style bracelet and a new clasp.

The sapphire sandwich version is 310. with the price tag of $10,900 and there is also an 18K solid yellow gold version (AUD$ 53,150) and an 18K white gold – or as Omega calls it ‘Canopus Gold’- for  AUD $69,150.

Clearly, the second hand market prices for the ‘old’ Moon watches will go up and mint condition 2018-2020 Speedmasters will now be sold at a premium.

BORUTO: the last watch in the series

Boruto is Naruto's son. He can perform the nature transformations of lightning with "Purple Electricity" - the NATO straps stripe, as well as 'Sunday' on the calendar disc and the tip of seconds hand are a matching pink colour. The 12 o'clock index is inspired by the bolt, as seen in the anime's logo, and the Uzumaki Clan's Kamon is printed on the caseback.

Unlike some of the other Naruto watches which 'appear to be worn', Boruto comes with a shiny high polished steel case with a dark grey anodized bezel.

More about Boruto:

This is the last watch in the series we have for sale. Price: $695 plus $35 delivery. Once sold, it will be gone forever.

The most exciting SEIKO Limited Edition set has arrived!


Boruto & Naruto: GAARA  SRPF71K

Two in stock, once gone – they will be gone forever.

Kanji symbol at 1 o’clock position means LOVE. 

$695. Be super quick.