Friday, January 15, 2021

The Precision Microcast - Tune in!

Episode 9: The origins of CNC, micro gear hobbing and much more.

The Microcast is a podcast where Adam Demuth and Josh Hacko chat about all things precision. Adam is based in Strasburg, Ohio and runs his own business, Demuth Tool, leveraging his extensive experience as a toolmaker to make precision components for assorted industries. Josh is the Technical Director at Nicholas Hacko Watchmaker, and designs and makes internal mechanical watch components. 

Both of your hosts have a strong passion for precision, whether it be in manufacturing, metrology, design or in first principles. This podcast is simply an exploration of that passion! 

As you know, it takes two to make a watch: a machinist and a watchmaker. Whether you are in a trade, a student, engineer or simply a watch enthusiast, you will find The Precision Microcast refreshing.

Play it in background, you will be impressed.


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