Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The rainbow done right

Early last year we saw Breitling release a new series of watches called the ‘heritage 57’. There was a lot of buzz around these watches particularly because of one certain model, the Breitling heritage 57 ‘rainbow’ which features a multicoloured spectrum of colours on the hour markers of the watch. While many commended the bold design, it copped a lot of hate because well, a rainbow spectrum of colours is a hard thing to pull off tastefully on a watch. 

Seiko have never seemed to shy away from a challenge and have always been bold with their design choices so it was fitting that when Seiko released their limited edition, Japan only Pokémon watch series, they took the challenge to tastefully incorporate a rainbow into their design. This was done on the SCXP179 also known as the Eevee. 

The dial of the watch is a tan finish with a small image of the Pokémon Eevee at 6 o'clock in a darker shade of tan, to represent the colour of the characters fur coat. It also features a white Poke ball for the 12 o'clock marker, which is a nice touch. But, more importantly, the hour markers around the dial are an array of colours to represent something quite unique to this Pokémon. While Pokémon are famous for their ability to evolve into new versions of themselves with added abilities, Eevee is iconic for being able to evolve into 8 different versions of itself, all in different colours. These colours, green, pink, yellow, blue, red, purple, black and dark blue are represented as the hour markers on the dial which is a nod to this unique character, not only that but it is subtle and tasteful. The watch also comes with a tan NATO strap to match the dial and comes fitted with a brown leather NATO strap with the character's paw prints pressed into the strap. 

Better luck next time Breitling, but I think Seiko wins this one. 

Note: We do not have any Pokémon currently in stock however we are working hard to source a few from Japan.

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