Monday, December 21, 2020

FINALY: The most exciting SEIKO Limited Edition set has arrived!


If you are a SEIKO collector then this is the best Christmas present ever – NARUTO & BORUTO
Naruto is one of the biggest-selling manga series in history, selling 250 million copies worldwide. The Japanese anime series followed the adventures of a young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, while a spin-off series, Boruto, subsequently focused on Naruto’s son. The shows’ all-action exploits have now inspired Seiko to create a new collection of seven watches based on some of the central characters from the show.
And you want them all! 
The only problem is that each Seiko dealer in Australia was allocated just one full set and couple more ‘extra’ pieces. And I can tell you straight away that blue Sasuke has already sold out. 

Make no mistake: these are not ordinarily Seiko 5 watches but highly ‘customized’ pieces limited to 6500 worldwide. 

Over next few days we will have a closer look at each watch. 

It goes without saying that I am keeping my complete set on ‘display only’ and will be selling a couple more individual pieces to ‘deserving SEIKO fans’.
The first watch in series is NARUTO UZUMAKI – SRPF070K1 
To write a quick review of Naruto is simply impossible – a paragraph or two would give no justice so instead, I suggest a proper intro

Seiko’s effort to simply load the watch with so many ‘Naruto’ details is fascinating: gold-colur case, symbols on the case back and bezel; strap, hands and dial;
down to a special box in a form of secret scroll. The radial dial itself is mesmerizing (it reminds me of a fine dials on Moser & Cie watches!). 

The case finish will surprise: the bead-blasted finish makes the watch looks like it has been already worn! This intentionally ‘imperfect’ look is so unorthodox with Japanese constant quest for perfection.
Naruto is also the only gold plated watch in series.
The custom made NATO strap is simply a perfect match, down to brush finish gold plated buckle and keepers. 
It is obvious that Naruto and Boruto watches will be a great hit with both young and seasoned watch collectors. There is something simply unexplainable with the whole story, the watch itself, the box it comes in.
Naruto is neither the toy nor the watch, but both at the same time – a pure magic that would flare up your imagination. 
Price: $695 (email for availability)

Seiko of the day - The famous ‘Captain Willard’


The Captain Willard is possibly the most famous Seiko amongst watch enthusiasts, and one of the most sought after vintage Seiko's of all time, and for good reason too. 

The movie ‘Apocalypse Now’ was iconic and many would regard it as a cultural classic. The focus of the movie revolves around the character Cap. Benjamin L. Willard making his way through the Cambodian jungle on a ‘need to know’ mission. He was sent into the jungle with not much more than his uniform, a dossier, and a Seiko 6105. 

The Seiko 6105 was the perfect choice for ‘Captain Willard’ as it established itself during the Vietnam war as the soldiers watch. It was an extremely popular purchase from post exchanges on bases in South-East Asia with many choosing the 6105 as their trusty timekeeper while serving. 

In terms of the watch design, the ‘Captain Willard’ Seiko is an extremely unique watch. Its case in particular sets it apart from all other divers in the market, a market that is already oversaturated with basic, unchanged designs and submariner copies. 

The SPB151J1 is a modern reedition to the 6105 carrying on the same design style with all the modern Seiko advancements such as ‘Made in Japan’ calibre 6R35, Lumibrite hands and hour markers, an anti reflective curved sapphire crystal and a stainless steel case and bracelet with Seiko's ‘super hard coating’.
As a subscriber to this newsletter, you know we have no time to waste. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing: is Captain Willard worth $1,995 or not?

Absolutely! For less than $2K this watch was made to last for decades. It is a robust steel watch with a sapphire crystal that will not let you down. I like how the winding crown is protected and I am most impressed with the quality of crown thread - a smooth, secure lock.

I know that most of our subscribers are hard-core watch enthusiasts. Not for a moment I suggest that this SEIKO is a replacement for a $10K Swiss made watch. However if your daily wearer is an Omega planet Ocean or Rolex GMT, you really should get yourself a Seiko. It will impress you, and your 'good watch' will have a chance for some quiet time, off wrist.

Unlike with previous Seiko models, I am not throwing any leather straps in the deal: Captain Willard should be worn on the bracelet: the most iconic watches are simply best when left 'as they are'. 

FREE delivery + chance to win $1300 Seiko in next weeks draw.
Seiko Prospex SPB151J
42.7mm case size.
Black dial.
Sapphire crystal.
Automatic movement - Calibre 6R35
Water resistance 200M

Price: $1,995

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The ultimate dive collaboration.


If you are into professional diving then you are well aware of PADI. For the rest of us: PADI is the largest dive certification and training centre in the world with over 6,300 Dive Centres and more than 136,000 qualified PADI professional instructors around the world. PADI has issued an amazing 24 million certifications and has done more than any other organisation to introduce diving to the world.
In comparison, Seiko is one of the largest manufacturers of dive watches in the world and their philosophy and direction for their dive watches has always been in the advancement of innovative dive technology and in reliability and safety.

These innovations include the world's first titanium diver's watch in 1975, the first diver's watch with a ceramic outer case in 1986 and the first Nitrox Dive Computer watch in 2000. Thanks to these advances and to the supreme quality of their diver's watches, Seiko has earned a high reputation of trust in the diving community.

In 2016, to celebrate and recognise both of their shared passions for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of divers, and for protection of the marine environment - Seiko and PADI decided to collaborate and release the Seiko PADI SRPA21.

So there you go – thinking of becoming a professional diver? A recreational diver perhaps? Why not show up to your first training session wearing PADI!

Price: only $795. Happy to throw in 5 years guarantee, free delivery AND chance to win a new Seiko on the December 24th draw.

NOTE: we only have ONE Seiko SRPE99K in stock! Call us today, we’ll ship it straight away.
Seiko Prospex PADI Special Edition SRPE99K

45mm case size. 
Blue dial.
Hardlex glass.
Automatic movement - 4R36
Water resistance 200M

Price: $795

"The Imperial Fighter"

If there ever was a SEIKO with an impeccable colour scheme, then this is it: Prospex SRPE31K.

What a design! Timelessly futuristic, it looks like a watch that has just arrived back from a galactic Imperial saga. 
Finding the right present for a young clever boy is almost impossible. You are really left with only two options: another Lego Millennium Falcon or a BMW 221I M-Sport. This Seiko is cheaper than them both, and will outlast a BMW by a decade (but probably not the Lego set). 

Trust me on this one: we have five fighters in stock and I can fix your Christmas problem for just $860.

Make no mistake: this is NOT a kids watch. It is a serious professional diver specification watch with hard steel coating fitted with an automatic movement and highly visible LumiBrite dial, hands, and bezel.
No doubt, for some, the question which lingers in the air is this: why pay the full retail price of $860 for a SEIKO when this exact watch could be found online for less? As stated before: if your only goal is to find the cheapest deal possible then I am not your man.

I don’t want to engage in a price war, discounting or price matching, because that would be a complete waste of time. Instead, I believe in relationships and value for money. What you will get for your money is an additional 2 years warranty (3+2 years in total), free shipping and the chance to win another SEIKO in two weeks from now.

Online dealers come and go. We are here to stay and look after you in the years to come. For that, we don’t charge more – only what is fair and recommended. Fair enough!
Seiko Prospex SRPE31K

43.2mm case size. 
Grey dial. 
Hardlex glass. 
Automatic movement - calibre 4R36
Water resistance 200M

Price: $860

Novak Djokovic is here!


Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player. He is currently ranked world No.1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Djokovic has been No.1 for 298 weeks. Djokovic has won 17 Grand Slam men's singles titles, and 81 ATP singles titles overall, including a record eight Australian Open titles and a record 36 Masters events. Djokovic is the first and only player to win all the annual elite-tier tournaments of the men's professional circuit. He is also the only player to complete the Career Golden Masters - that is, winning all nine modern ATP Masters events, which he has done twice.
But more than a tennis player extraordinaire, Novak is simply the nicest guy ever. During his public career spanning over decades, there was not a single on the court or off the court moment that would even slightly tarnish his reputation. A true gentleman and a humanitarian.

Since 2014 Djokovic is a proud SEIKO ambassador. He is often seen wearing a Seiko Astron, however, for watch enthusiasts, a true 'Novak Djokovic' watch is the Seiko 62MAS remake, known as SPB143J1. Seiko 62MAS - The First Professional Divers Watch By Seiko.
From the day we've announced our Seiko dealership, we've been inundated with requests to source. Yesterday, the first example has finally arrived. One only! Such is the demand for SPB143J1 that it is only available to selected dealers, in very limited quantities. 

Before you jump on it (yes, we are taking orders!) you should do a bit of research. There are a number of online articles on 62MAS and it's modern reincarnations.

The bottom line is this:

- as a watch collector, you must get yourself Novak Djokovic SPB143J1. Priced at only $1895, it is a bargain. 

- this watch will remain popular forever. If you ever decide to sell it, there will be no shortage of buyers.

- and if you are a Serb or of Slavic descent, then you must get at least two or three for yourself and your friends. There is no more 'national' watch to a Serb than a Novak Djokovic Seiko.

- if you are a Croat, then keep in mind that Novak's grandfather, Zdenko Zagar recently revealed that Djokovic also has Croatian blood. "I am Croatian, I was born in Vinkovci, and Nole's grandmother too. 

So there you go. If there ever was a sportsman who could be 'claimed' by both parties, then that's Nole. If there ever was a watch that could be worn by anyone - that is Seiko.

If you happen to be in the city please feel free to visit us and check the watch out. You will LOVE it.

Taking orders now, no deposit required. 
Seiko SPB143J
40.5mm case size. 
Sapphire crystal. 
Grey dial.
Automatic movement - calibre 6R35
Water resistant 200M

Price: $1,895

Friday, December 4, 2020

Exactly ten years ago....

Environmental activist Peter Gray throws his shoes at former Prime Minister John Howard on the ABC's Q&A programme, in protest to the Howard Government's involvement in the Iraq War. Jayant Patel is found guilty on three counts of manslaughter and one count of grievous bodily harm for his actions as Director of Surgery at Bundaberg Base Hospital. Mary MacKillop is canonised by the Pope Benedict XVI, making her Australia's first Roman Catholic Saint. Australia's bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup is unsuccessful.

And we were selling Rolex like there is no tomorrow... 

December 3, 2010.

Daytona 16520 K1382 $14500
Daytona 116520 K1705 $13999
GMT 16760 (rare transitional) K2010 $7900
GMT 16710 coke K1981 $5799

Can we fly back to 2010?
And now back to reality...                         


JUST RELEASED: Special Asian only Edition

We've got it!

PVD coated case,  42.4mm with Hardlex crystal with big magnifier on olive green silicon strap.
~~~ Special Asian Edition ~~~

Note the rather unusual asymmetric crown guard! 

$795 two only in stock. Ready for immediate FREE delivery. 3+2 years guarantee.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The BLUE 1968


I'll sum it up on one word: the most amazing navy dial of Rolex quality. Plus of course, the ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal and superb case polish.

The SPB187J1 (42mm) has just arrived from Japan.  It is originally fitted on a bracelet, but here is our special offer:

- super silicon SEIKO high grade band with metal keeper
- NH Italian leather strap with NH steel buckle
- 5 years guarantee
- chance to win another Seiko at Christmas draw

$1895 ONLY

Price wise this watch is less than half of a second hand 10 year old Omega Seamaster or about as much as you would pay for a Rolex overhaul.  

If you are yet to experience superb "Made in Japan" quality then wait no longer, the BLUE 1968 will blow you away.