Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The ultimate dive collaboration.


If you are into professional diving then you are well aware of PADI. For the rest of us: PADI is the largest dive certification and training centre in the world with over 6,300 Dive Centres and more than 136,000 qualified PADI professional instructors around the world. PADI has issued an amazing 24 million certifications and has done more than any other organisation to introduce diving to the world.
In comparison, Seiko is one of the largest manufacturers of dive watches in the world and their philosophy and direction for their dive watches has always been in the advancement of innovative dive technology and in reliability and safety.

These innovations include the world's first titanium diver's watch in 1975, the first diver's watch with a ceramic outer case in 1986 and the first Nitrox Dive Computer watch in 2000. Thanks to these advances and to the supreme quality of their diver's watches, Seiko has earned a high reputation of trust in the diving community.

In 2016, to celebrate and recognise both of their shared passions for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of divers, and for protection of the marine environment - Seiko and PADI decided to collaborate and release the Seiko PADI SRPA21.

So there you go – thinking of becoming a professional diver? A recreational diver perhaps? Why not show up to your first training session wearing PADI!

Price: only $795. Happy to throw in 5 years guarantee, free delivery AND chance to win a new Seiko on the December 24th draw.

NOTE: we only have ONE Seiko SRPE99K in stock! Call us today, we’ll ship it straight away.
Seiko Prospex PADI Special Edition SRPE99K

45mm case size. 
Blue dial.
Hardlex glass.
Automatic movement - 4R36
Water resistance 200M

Price: $795

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