Monday, December 21, 2020

Seiko of the day - The famous ‘Captain Willard’


The Captain Willard is possibly the most famous Seiko amongst watch enthusiasts, and one of the most sought after vintage Seiko's of all time, and for good reason too. 

The movie ‘Apocalypse Now’ was iconic and many would regard it as a cultural classic. The focus of the movie revolves around the character Cap. Benjamin L. Willard making his way through the Cambodian jungle on a ‘need to know’ mission. He was sent into the jungle with not much more than his uniform, a dossier, and a Seiko 6105. 

The Seiko 6105 was the perfect choice for ‘Captain Willard’ as it established itself during the Vietnam war as the soldiers watch. It was an extremely popular purchase from post exchanges on bases in South-East Asia with many choosing the 6105 as their trusty timekeeper while serving. 

In terms of the watch design, the ‘Captain Willard’ Seiko is an extremely unique watch. Its case in particular sets it apart from all other divers in the market, a market that is already oversaturated with basic, unchanged designs and submariner copies. 

The SPB151J1 is a modern reedition to the 6105 carrying on the same design style with all the modern Seiko advancements such as ‘Made in Japan’ calibre 6R35, Lumibrite hands and hour markers, an anti reflective curved sapphire crystal and a stainless steel case and bracelet with Seiko's ‘super hard coating’.
As a subscriber to this newsletter, you know we have no time to waste. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing: is Captain Willard worth $1,995 or not?

Absolutely! For less than $2K this watch was made to last for decades. It is a robust steel watch with a sapphire crystal that will not let you down. I like how the winding crown is protected and I am most impressed with the quality of crown thread - a smooth, secure lock.

I know that most of our subscribers are hard-core watch enthusiasts. Not for a moment I suggest that this SEIKO is a replacement for a $10K Swiss made watch. However if your daily wearer is an Omega planet Ocean or Rolex GMT, you really should get yourself a Seiko. It will impress you, and your 'good watch' will have a chance for some quiet time, off wrist.

Unlike with previous Seiko models, I am not throwing any leather straps in the deal: Captain Willard should be worn on the bracelet: the most iconic watches are simply best when left 'as they are'. 

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Seiko Prospex SPB151J
42.7mm case size.
Black dial.
Sapphire crystal.
Automatic movement - Calibre 6R35
Water resistance 200M

Price: $1,995

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