Monday, December 21, 2020

FINALY: The most exciting SEIKO Limited Edition set has arrived!


If you are a SEIKO collector then this is the best Christmas present ever – NARUTO & BORUTO
Naruto is one of the biggest-selling manga series in history, selling 250 million copies worldwide. The Japanese anime series followed the adventures of a young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, while a spin-off series, Boruto, subsequently focused on Naruto’s son. The shows’ all-action exploits have now inspired Seiko to create a new collection of seven watches based on some of the central characters from the show.
And you want them all! 
The only problem is that each Seiko dealer in Australia was allocated just one full set and couple more ‘extra’ pieces. And I can tell you straight away that blue Sasuke has already sold out. 

Make no mistake: these are not ordinarily Seiko 5 watches but highly ‘customized’ pieces limited to 6500 worldwide. 

Over next few days we will have a closer look at each watch. 

It goes without saying that I am keeping my complete set on ‘display only’ and will be selling a couple more individual pieces to ‘deserving SEIKO fans’.
The first watch in series is NARUTO UZUMAKI – SRPF070K1 
To write a quick review of Naruto is simply impossible – a paragraph or two would give no justice so instead, I suggest a proper intro

Seiko’s effort to simply load the watch with so many ‘Naruto’ details is fascinating: gold-colur case, symbols on the case back and bezel; strap, hands and dial;
down to a special box in a form of secret scroll. The radial dial itself is mesmerizing (it reminds me of a fine dials on Moser & Cie watches!). 

The case finish will surprise: the bead-blasted finish makes the watch looks like it has been already worn! This intentionally ‘imperfect’ look is so unorthodox with Japanese constant quest for perfection.
Naruto is also the only gold plated watch in series.
The custom made NATO strap is simply a perfect match, down to brush finish gold plated buckle and keepers. 
It is obvious that Naruto and Boruto watches will be a great hit with both young and seasoned watch collectors. There is something simply unexplainable with the whole story, the watch itself, the box it comes in.
Naruto is neither the toy nor the watch, but both at the same time – a pure magic that would flare up your imagination. 
Price: $695 (email for availability)

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