Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Checkered Turtle

The black checkered Turtle arrived this morning and of course I couldn't help myself but to have a closer look. And by closer look I mean internally.

Two things grabbed my attention straight away.

First was the smooth operation of the ceramic bezel. Not only did it have a firm click but the luminous 0 minute triangle was perfectly aligned with the 12 o'clock hour marker. The knurled bezel edge reminded me of Swiss dive watches from the 1970s, but the ceramic insert gives this classic watch a contemporary look. I removed the bezel to check the click spring underneath and was pleasantly surprised. Again, a very similar style to the one frequently used in Tag and Omega watches. Naturally I had to check the availability and price of the complete ceramic bezel in Seiko's stock and to my surprise the price was only $110. This is just a fraction of what one would pay for a Swiss ceramic bezel. 
The second detail was the unusual sapphire crystal which comes with a large cyclops - a magnifier which sits over both the day and date display. I have not seen anything like it before and the magnification is simply remarkable. The sapphire crystal is 3mm thick, cyclops not included. Removing the crystal from its seal and pressing it back in was easy.
The matte black checkered dial is quite attractive and provides the perfect background for the large luminous hour markers. The mechanism is the trustworthy calibre 4R36 with a 41 hour power reserve. Checked on the timing machine, it exhibited a strong amplitude as you would expect from a brand new watch and was factory adjusted to +9 seconds a day. 
The caseback features a stylised swordfish. 
Overall the checkered Turtle is much more than an economy divers piece. It is a robust watch, built to last and will cost you less than the service cost of a Swiss day-date. The Turtle comes with a bracelet ($999) or fitted with a rubber strap ($950). However, Seiko enthusiasts will have a lot of fun fitting either a NATO or rugged military style distressed leather strap. 

Should you buy one to add to your collection, no - you should buy one to wear!
I took a few photos of the checkered Turtle with two of our Rebelde straps. Our straps sell for $88 (the strap price has not changed since 2014) but if you buy a new Seiko Turtle, I will throw in a free leather strap. 

Again, replacing the straps on a Seiko is super easy. 
Seiko Prospex Checkered Turtle Divers Ref. SRPE03K

45mm case size. Sapphire crystal. Automatic movement - 4R36. Water resistance 200M. Comes with bracelet and free Rebelde brown leather strap. 

Price: $999

Seiko Root Beer now with a super cool NH leather strap and NH buckle!

The SNE566P is a limited edition of 1500 pieces, exclusive to Seiko boutiques and authorised dealers only within Australia. The watch comes with a pelican case, pre-fitted on a bracelet, with an additional silicon Seiko strap and buckle. 

SNE566P (43.5mm) is equipped with a solar analogue mechanism calibre V157. The calibre V157 is a solar powered watch with a manganese titanium-lithium rechargeable capacitor. It only takes a few hours of light exposure to fully charge the capacitor and the watch will then run for 10 months stored in the dark. In a way, this is not a normal battery operated watch but an advanced solar model.

Today, we got two more sets in stock. Immediately, it become obvious that a matching leather strap would offer even more versatility to an enthusiastic owner. And why not? Changing between bracelet, rubber and leather on a watch with drilled-through lugs is super easy.

It turns out that our 20mm tan 'rebelde' strap with a matching NH steel buckle was a very decent choice. Comfortable, neither too thick nor too thin, made to fit 20.5 cm wrist (or smaller), this Italian leather strap will surely impress.

The NH buckle is our 'signature' piece. Finely machined (not stamped out!), built to last forever. 

So here is the deal: we are happy to throw in the tan strap and buckle FREE OF CHARGE with your Seiko Root beer set!

Price: $995
Note the amazing gloss finish on the steel case. 
Yes - the limited edition watch, bracelet, leather and rubber strap and pelican case, all brand new with 3+2 years guarantee and free delivery for just $995.

The Seiko Braveheart is here!


Playing on nationalistic feelings to sell a watch? Well I am happy to say that this was NOT my idea.

When the Braveheart arrived yesterday, our Gemma immediately proclaimed: "THE SCOTSMAN!"

And yes, if there is still a drop of that Scottish blood running in your veins, then this Seiko 5 is the one that truly represents your colours. You will love it- the navy dial, bezel, the exhibition display, the polished and brushed finishes on stainless steel. The lot.

The only thing that upsets me is that we received just ONE watch from Seiko. I called my sales rep today with a request for at least 10 more pieces, delivered ASAP because the Scotsman will sell like hot cakes. 

Free delivery. Extended guarantee (3+2 years). Plus a chance to win one of two Seikos on Christmas day.
Seiko 5 Ref. SRPD51K
"The Scotsman"
42.5mm steel case. Blue dial. Hardlex crystal. Automatic movement - Calibre 4R36. See-through case back. 100M water resistance.

$499 only

Friday, November 20, 2020

Think Seiko, Think Big

The story of Seiko began in 1881, when a 21 year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. Just eleven years later, in 1892, he established the 'Seikosha' factory.

In Japanese, "Seiko" means "exquisite", "minute" or "success" and "sha" means house. It was here that Kintaro Hattori produced his first clocks and these marked the beginnings of a company that was to become one of the world's most important manufacturers of timepieces.

The list of "Japanese first" is endless: first wristwatch, first Railway pocket watch, first mechanical chronograph, first divers watch. In 1969 Seiko releases calibre 6139 – world’s first automatic chronograph with both column wheel and vertical clutch. 

It was Seiko who would produce the world's first quartz watch: Seiko Quartz Astron was introduced in Tokyo on December 25, 1969. It delivered an unmatched performance. It was accurate to within 5 seconds per month, 100 times more accurate than any other watch, and it ran continuously for a year. The quartz revolution had begun!
(Image: )

However, what impresses me the most, is the dedication and persistence of Seiko to cover the entire spectrum of watch and clock-making, producing a vast number of timepieces. From entry level battery operated watches to Grand Seiko and tourbillon; from domestic alarm clocks to impressive public clocks. An amazing range of products, all designed and manufactured ‘ in house' , in Seiko’s own  factories. There is no Swiss equivalent to Seiko, and the only Swiss brand that offered a wide range of watches was Omega, in it's golden days, half a century ago. 
Next time you are to travel to Japan, which I hope will be soon, keep an eye out for Seiko public clocks which range from high tech to simply art installations.
Tekko Building Clock
Seiko Shinjuku NS building Clock
Seiko Tokyo Tower Clock

James Bond - the watch of the future "Ref."


The Omega Seamaster is a staple in the collections of both Omega and James Bond enthusiasts. Famous for its rugged, no nonsense, handle anything design; it is a very fitting watch for a world class spy who will run it through its paces, as I’m sure many of you have seen on the big screen.

This new omega Seamaster is an updated version of what we have already seen and may just be the perfect watch for the James Bond of the future. 

Its case is crafted from black polished ceramic, as well as grade 5 titanium and sapphire crystals on both sides. This culmination of materials means it is extremely scratch resistant and will always look good enough for a surprise black tie event. It comes on a black rubber strap that will not only feel comfortable in all conditions and environments but also reduces the weight over the regular steel Seamaster so that while engaged in combat, it doesn’t alter your performance. 

Omega has fitted this watch with their Co-Axial 8806 movement which is not only chronometer certified but comes with a 55 hour power reserve so that you never have to worry about missing the deadline for whatever impending nuclear threat you may face. 

RRP $12,375.00
Yours for only $3,800
If only pigs could fly!

Unfortunately this "watch listed here"  is about as real as James Bond himself. Yes it is a 100% outright fake and not for sale. From the watch, down to the instruction booklet. 

The watch was brought in for educational purposes by a watch collector who bought it online from an overseas seller. It is one of the best Omega replicas we have ever seen. While we didn't have the original watch in stock, we did have the Omega box and same year instruction manual to compare, which are literally identical and only has one small detail that gives it away. Printed on the same paper, with the same number of pages, in the same font - Quite frankly if we didn’t have the original booklet from the same issue year it would be almost impossible to figure out what makes the fake booklet fake. 

What is the one detail you may ask? - The only difference we could notice is the original booklet is 20mm thick and the fake one is 22mm. That is the difference in paper thickness between over 475 pages. Judging by the cover, you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

So what’s the bottom line? The best place to buy an Omega is at the Omega boutique. The second best place is from a dealer you can trust blindly. 

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

The Seiko Sharp Edge series - Japanese artistry meets Seiko functionality


“Since time immemorial, a central aspect of the Japanese sense of beauty has been simplicity.

To create objects or images of refinement and grace with few elements and no extraneous decoration has long been an aim of many Japanese craftsmen and artists and it is this aesthetic that lies at the heart of an important new series within the Presage collection.

In every detail, this new Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series is a powerful and fresh expression of Japanese artistry.”

Seiko uses a Japanese ‘Asanoha’ pattern - an angular geometric hemp leaf pattern, on its dial. This pattern captures the light and creates a contrasting display of light and shadow. It has a sharp case and bracelet with both brushed and polished surfaces which only accentuates the appeal of this series. The sharp edge series unique, bold design choices are usually reserved for Seiko’s big brother Grand Seiko but with Seiko dedicated to offering up a new range of higher end watches, this is the perfect middle ground. 

We have in stock two Asanoha pattern Seiko's - navy blue and white: 
Seiko Presage Automatic Ref. SPB167J1
Navy blue dial. 39.3mm case size. Water resistance 10bar. Sapphire crystal.

Price: $1,495
Seiko Presage Automatic Ref. SPB165J1
White dial. 39.3mm case size. Water resistance 10bar. Sapphire crystal.

Price: $1,495