Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Seiko Root Beer now with a super cool NH leather strap and NH buckle!

The SNE566P is a limited edition of 1500 pieces, exclusive to Seiko boutiques and authorised dealers only within Australia. The watch comes with a pelican case, pre-fitted on a bracelet, with an additional silicon Seiko strap and buckle. 

SNE566P (43.5mm) is equipped with a solar analogue mechanism calibre V157. The calibre V157 is a solar powered watch with a manganese titanium-lithium rechargeable capacitor. It only takes a few hours of light exposure to fully charge the capacitor and the watch will then run for 10 months stored in the dark. In a way, this is not a normal battery operated watch but an advanced solar model.

Today, we got two more sets in stock. Immediately, it become obvious that a matching leather strap would offer even more versatility to an enthusiastic owner. And why not? Changing between bracelet, rubber and leather on a watch with drilled-through lugs is super easy.

It turns out that our 20mm tan 'rebelde' strap with a matching NH steel buckle was a very decent choice. Comfortable, neither too thick nor too thin, made to fit 20.5 cm wrist (or smaller), this Italian leather strap will surely impress.

The NH buckle is our 'signature' piece. Finely machined (not stamped out!), built to last forever. 

So here is the deal: we are happy to throw in the tan strap and buckle FREE OF CHARGE with your Seiko Root beer set!

Price: $995
Note the amazing gloss finish on the steel case. 
Yes - the limited edition watch, bracelet, leather and rubber strap and pelican case, all brand new with 3+2 years guarantee and free delivery for just $995.

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