Thursday, November 12, 2020

The original James Cameron


The Seiko turtle is considered to be one of the most iconic Seiko’s of all time. It more than just a cheap ‘beater’ automatic tool watch, it symbolises the basis of a perfect dive watch.

There has been no-one more iconically obsessed with ocean exploration in the past few decades than multi award winning director James Cameron. So much so that Rolex named their star watch in their dive watch line up; the deep sea, with blue and black gradient dial, after him. James Cameron’s first film about his great passion, the ocean, was his 1989 hit film ‘The Abyss’.

‘The Abyss’ is a story about a team of daring engineers and military personnel sent to the deepest parts of the ocean on a recovery mission to a nuclear submarine that had sunk under mysterious circumstances. One of the main characters ‘Bud’, an engineer, played by Ed Harris, is seen throughout the film wearing the iconic Seiko turtle with a black dial and rubber strap. Whether it was James Cameron personally or a just a costume designer that chose that watch, the Seiko made a starring role in this iconic James Cameron film, his first solo directorial on the ocean, making this the original James Cameron.

This Seiko turtle SRPE93K1 is a modern incarnation of the Seiko 6309 originally featured in this film. Watch code: S8.

Price: $725

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