Thursday, November 12, 2020

SEIKO Prospex Save the Ocean


If there is one thing I don't ever take for granted, it has to be YOUR TRUST. I am extremely proud of the fact that the vast majority of you trust me blindly.

You trust me with your money, your most precious watches; you trust my valuations and expertise. Of course we may disagree on almost everything else, but that is irrelevant.

Today, I am ready to offer you another opportunity to take our trust to the next level.

Here, in front of me are two amazing Seiko watches: Save the Ocean Prospex (professional specifications) SRPE33K.

These two watches are so stunning  that I simply don't want you to miss the opportunity to own one. Why? Because I am convinced that Save the Ocean is going to be your favourite everyday watch -  a 'crown piece' in your Seiko collection.

Here is the story and reason why you should invest in one.

A few years ago, Seiko introduced the first Save the Ocean piece with a unique dial in a design inspired by the blue whale. It was a success. The second generation featured rolling waves with a subtle fin of a lurking Great White shark. This time, the blue dial features 3 manta rays . 

This is a collection in the making. This is what separates the Seiko Save the Ocean collection from the rest of the 'divers' watches by Swiss brands. The dial finish is simply amazing - form, composition, design to execution. The very reason why Save the Ocean will be forever popular with generation after generation of watch enthusiasts and retain it's value in years to come.

Here is the deal: if you open the box and you feel that I have oversold this Seiko to you, I will take it back for immediate full refund. Then, I will send you a personal, hand written note with $100 as an apology for letting you down. 

By trusting me you have nothing to lose, zero risk and your full satisfaction is guaranteed. "Bloody hell Nick, you were right, I LOVE IT" is the only outcome and only option.

Price: $995

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