Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Bat Cameron ONLY $795


If there's two things in watch forums that is synonymous with the pairing of blue and black on a dive watch, that would be 

A. James Cameron 

B. Batman 

Well this watch pairs both of those ideas, the blue, black, silver trio reminiscent of the Batman’s infamous original costume and the fact that it is a Seiko Turtle - ‘The original James Cameron’. Not to mention that it also has a blue/black gradient dial. 

The Seiko Prospex line up is the ultimate ‘wear and forget, until you need it’ watch series and this one is no different. 

This watch is the pinnacle of Seiko’s effort to modernise traditional watch designs while still remaining true to its roots, and it is a culmination of everything that a modern redesign should be.

Regardless if you’re using this while engaging in ocean exploration or using it to fend off enemies as a vigilante, this watch is the perfect modern tool watch for the job. 

S4 - Seiko Prospex SRPF15K1
20 Bar, 44.3mm case size, Hardlex crystal, 4R36. 
3+2 years guarantee. Free delivery.

Price: $795

There has been a big shift from major brands over the past few years to rerelease modern remakes of vintage watches, or vintage ‘inspired’ watches. Quite frequently they just end up being a copy, paste of a vintage matte dial Rolex with a few subtle changes or just a reproduction of an older model with a modern calibre for an exorbitant amount more than the original watches retail price. 

This Seiko offers that nostalgic vintage feeling that everyone is after, but without taking advantage of it.

It features their classic SKX style dive case with a black bezel but with a twist on their usual design; An off white chapter ring, crème coloured hour markers and hands set this watch apart from their other dive watches, but my favourite part is the shimmering deep grey dial that catches light in just the right way. It comes on a mesh style rubber strap and to top it off, it even has an exhibition case back. 

This isn’t just a simple vintage recreation, this is a modern classic, all for the price of a couple steel Rolex links.

S44 - Seiko 5 Sports Ref. SRPD73K2
10 Bar, 42.5mm case size, Hardlex glass, Silicon strap. 4R36
3+2 years guarantee. Free delivery.

Price: $499

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