Friday, January 22, 2021

Brand New Seiko of the Day


The all new Seiko Samurai Manta Ray 2021 is here!
Last year Seiko introduced to the world the ‘Save the ocean’ Manta Ray special edition watches in both the Samurai (SRPE33K) and the Turtle (SRPE39K) cases. These watches were a smash hit particularly because of their special textured dials with gradient blue and black colouring and imagery of Manta Rays gliding through the ocean. 

Seiko, to start the year off on a high note have released two new models of the Mantra Ray special editions, both in the same respective cases as the previous iteration but with two main differences. 

The new Samurai SRPF79K1 now comes fitted with a brand new Seiko silicon strap which is a complete change from the standard strap that Seiko has been producing for decades. This new strap comes with a more modern, simple design, with a flat, textured finish in a dark pastel blue colour.

While the dial carries on the same design as the last, it is now a more subtle grey/blue colour when compared with the last set and it should also be noted that the Manta Rays are now in different positions on the dial.

The watch is fitted with a ceramic knurled edged bezel and the same knurled pattern is followed on the crown which gives the watch an unmistakable, samurai series look.

Once again, this is a special edition watch and we have received only one watch. A small curiosity is that this watch was assembled in October 2020, which means that Seiko are working hard to supply enough watches to the market. 

Would I wear it? Absolutely yes! While the Manta Ray watches are obviously designed for professional divers, sailors and surfers of which I am none, I am sold on the blue/grey dial and unbelievably comfortable silicon strap. The 43.8mm case size gives the watch a respectable and professional feel and for only $950, this is simply a bargain!

Again, my only "complaint" is for the unfortunate fact that at this point in time we only have one Manta Ray in stock. 
Seiko Prospex Save the Oceans SRPF79K

43.8mm case size.
Greyish blue manta ray dial.
Sapphire crystal.
Automatic movement - calibre 4R35.
Water resistance 200M

Price: $950

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