Friday, February 12, 2021

The PADI Monster


The SRPE27K1 is the first Seiko Monster released in partnership with PADI and it lives up to its name, because it is a diving beast. 

Diving is no walk in the park, there are many things going on in both preparation and practice that could go wrong, which is why it's important that things such as training and equipment are up to standard. This is what the Seiko x PADI collaboration is all about. They share a joint goal of bringing the opportunity to practice diving to a broader community and promote safety and reliability as core principals. Seiko's end of the bargain is to provide reliable dive watches such as the SRPE27K1 and there are many reasons this watch is the perfect dive buddy.  

The bezel is stainless steel with a deep blue PVD coating, which gives it a seriously unique presence on the wrist. It features large white contrasting indices and minute markers on the bezel for timing your dive with a rather obvious red 12 o' clock indicator. The best part about this bezel is that because it is from the ‘Monster’ range it features the classic ‘revolver’ case the range has become famous for. This case style is a great addition to the PADI range because of the bezels large notches which make it much easier to adjust the bezel’s timer while wearing gloves, which if you’ve ever gone diving in freezing cold water with minimal dexterity and feeling in your hands, you’ll know is a fantastic plus. 

The dial and hands have the same sharp design from the ‘Monster’ series but features a red seconds and minute hand to make keeping track of your dive time much easier. Not only that but the Lumibrite lights up like a Christmas tree in a bright blue colour except for the minute hand and the bezel pearl which is green, making it easy to distinguish quickly in dark environments as well. The dial also features the PADI logo at 6 o'clock on the dial to show PADI’s tick of approval for this diving beast. 
Seiko Prospex PADI "Special Edition" SRPE27K1

42.4mm case size.
Black dial.
Hardlex glass.
Automatic movement - calibre 4R36.
Water resistance 200M.

Price: $795

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