Friday, February 12, 2021

Here's a word you might not have heard before...


‘Asanoha’, the word that defines one of Seiko’s newest series in the presage range, the sharp edged series. This new series draws inspiration from both Seiko’s unique design principles and styling usually reserved for their Grand Seiko watches, as well as a traditional Japanese pattern known as ‘Asaoha’. 

The pattern made up of an aggregate of triangles in a reoccurring star shapes is described as resembling a hemp leaf in design. The hemp tree grows straight towards the sky and to around 4 metres in 4 months, which is why in Japanese culture the pattern symbolises good health and growth. Although this watch draws design ideas from the more expensive and sought after ‘Grand Seiko’ range, the dial design is unique to this series and not like anything seen from Grand Seiko and at a fraction of the cost. 

We have just gotten in the newest edition to the sharp edged series, SPB203J. While originally released last year in blue, green, white and brown dial variants this is the first featured in black. The case is a sharp polished and brushed case that emulates the same flare as the higher end Zaratzu finish and it pairs well with the solid brush with mid gloss bracelet. The dial features hour markers and hands with high gloss and sand blasted finish, continuing on the duality of surfaces prevalent through the design of the watch. The dial’s Asanoha pattern now in black makes a more subtle statement when compared to the other coloured dials featured last year, while still retaining the same message - Seiko knows how to design stunning dress watches. The watch also comes fitted with a 6R35 movement and is a made in Japan model, what more could you want.

For only $1495, a fraction of the price of a Grand Seiko, this is a fantastic dress watch. 

Only 1 in stock and no sign of more coming in soon. 

Seiko Presage SPB203J
39.3mm case size.
Black dial.
Sapphire crystal.
Automatic movement - calibre 6R35.
Water resistance 100M

Price: $1,495

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