Friday, August 21, 2009

Zenith El Primero - the king of watch movements

My regular buyers are well aware of how passionate I am about Zenith watches.

I often say that a $5,000 Zenith El Primero is internally as good as any $50,000 Patek! When Rolex wanted the best chronograph movement money could buy, they went to Zenith - and until year 2000, the modified Zenith El Primero was powering hundreds of thousands of Rolex Daytona watches worldwide.

Zenith "El Primero" Chronomaster 02.0240.410


Perpetuelle said...

What a great post! The decline of Zenith and the El Primero is unfortunate. Always nice to read articles such as this.

Kyle /

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know how Zenith's Elite movement compares with Zenith's El Primero movement. Ignoring the fact that I am comparing apples and oranges, is the Elite "as good" as the El Primero? Any thoughts?

Unknown said...

Thanks for another great article. This is food for thought before buying yet another Valjoux 7750. So I have a question, what is your opinion of the El Primero vs. a 7750 that is finished by a really good firm, like IWC for instance? Looking forward to your response!