Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Small restoration project: Panerai case polishing

This Panerai Daylight belongs to a fellow watch collector and was brought in last Friday.

As you can see it had a nasty dent right on the edge of middle case.

I made a promise to publish photos of the watch before and after polishing, so here they are, for your enjoyment.

Panerai Polishing
Panerai Polishing

The entire polishing of the middle case (body) was done by hand using a metal file and various grades of sand paper and took less than 15 minutes, including bezel polishing.
Panerai watches are made of quality steel and respond well to both machine and hand polish.

Panerai Polishing

Watch case half way through polishing

Panerai Polishing

Final touch: photo of bezel after polishing on a buff wheel.

Panerai Polishing


Anonymous said...


Amazing work, Truly a great watchmaker.

David Cote

Half way around the world.

Anonymous said...

Great work there. Did not know it was even possible to do.


Craig said...

Nice! How did you get the ding out? I presume it took more than sandpaper to get rid of that?

Luiz said...

Belo trabalho (beautiful work).

Anonymous said...

God question... how did you get the ding out?