Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pop quiz: Fake or real?

So you think you know your Rolexes? Then here's a little pop quiz for you:

Shown below are two case backs.

Which answer is correct?

  1. Case back 1 is a genuine Rolex, case back 2 is a fake

  2. Case back 2 is genuine Rolex, case back 1 is a fake

  3. Both case backs are genuine

  4. Both are fakes

Before you rush to answer, take your time to study both
case backs (enlarged images below).

Send your answer to nick@clockmaker.com.au

Good luck and have fun!

***Need help?
Here is a tip: Case back 1 comes from Datejust model Ref. 16234 [steel/18K white gold], and 2 from Submariner 16610...

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