Friday, February 17, 2012

On time, yet still too late

Barry Trengove went from London to New York to be an art director
for I. Miller, the classy American shoe company in the 1960's.
He arrived on Friday and went to the office.
The company was moving over the weekend and he wanted to check on where to report on Monday.
Passing down the corridor, he noticed that the walls were hung with
the original shoe illustrations done by Andy Warhol for advertising
campaigns in the 1950s. The movers were shifting out furniture
and had begun to stack the pictures in a corner.
Finding the foreman, Barry inquired what was happening to them.
"They will be thrown away tomorrow", he said.
"Um", said Barry, "I quite like them".
"Well," said the foreman, "come in the morning at nine,
five bucks and they're all yours."
Barry didn't sleep all night.
He was back there bang on nine.
"Sorry," said the foreman, "the rubbish was collected earlier than expected."
[The art of looking sideways: Warhol's Shoes]

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