Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting it right the Australian way

To fellow Watchmakers of Australia,
To fellow Watch enthusiasts,

We will win.

We will win because we fight the battle in which "getting it right" is the only acceptable outcome.

As the newly appointed Secretary of the newly formed association, it is my duty to assure you that Professional Watchmakers of Australia is on your side.

The 'getting it right' may take time and effort. But you already know that.

As a professional watchmaker who makes an honest living doing what you do best - repairing watches - you also know that no person, no corporation or  privately owned entity has the right to restrict your trade. No person, no corporation and no privately owned entity has any right to push you out of business, to prevent you from earning income, to limit you in any way or to impose restrictions which are not in your interest or in the interest of your customers.

As a professional watchmaker, you are responsible to the Australian Government who gave you the right to practice your trade. And you are responsible to your  customers who trust your expertise. No one else.

As a watch enthusiast and an owner of a fine timepiece, you know that no person, no corporation or privately owned entity has the right to restrict your enjoyment or freedom of choice.

You own the watch. It is your property.
Therefore, no person, no corporation or privately owned entity has the right to force you into any servicing agreement which is not approved or authorized by you, the owner. Nor to impose upon you, any repair or servicing arrangement which is not beneficial to YOU. Nor to restrict the supply of any spare part, bracelet - or even a simple watch bracelet link - that you request. Nor to limit your choice of repairer, confiscate your property or impose some imaginary standard of repair which you really don't need or are forced to accept.

The watch is yours. The freedom of choice is yours.

Don't let your consumer's rights slip away just because like us, you love your timepiece.

The only reason why we are forced to take this bold stand is for the unfortunate reason that some individuals, corporation and privately owned entities believe that Australians either don't care or don't understand the issue.

The truth is quite the opposite- we do care and we are ready to take a stand.

And yes, with your support we will win.
Nicholas Hacko, Watchmaker
Secretary of and Spokesperson for
Professional Watchmakers of Australia, Inc
Watchmakers: please join the Association and offer your support to PWA now.
Watch enthusiasts: please go to
and sign your petition to ACCC.
Watch the video and tell your friends.

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