Thursday, May 16, 2013

Davosa in Gilgandra

May 14, 2913

Davosa Panaustraliana: on the road with Hon. Anthony Roberts MP !

"Gilgandra in Central NSW was the starting point for the Coo-ee March, where 26 men set out on foot on 10 October 1915 for Sydney, with the aim of recruiting volunteers for the war effort from the ...towns they passed along the way. By the time they reached Sydney on 12 November, some 263 men had joined their ranks and set sail for the battlefields of the First World War. This week NSW Fair Trading is in Gilgandra meeting with consumers and businesses to educate them on their rights and responsibilities in the marketplace. The starting point for the 1915 Coo-ee March seems like an appropriate place to kick off the Davosa Panaustraliana Tour!"

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