Monday, January 9, 2017

rebelde in action!

Thanks to comrade Jesper, owner of a rebelde Control Tower Mark II, for sending this awesome photo in of his rebelde altitude test.

The temperature was -17C and he's pointing at Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria at 3,798m. He was pleased to report there was no condensation or issues with performance.

Pleased as we are, we're but not a bit surprised. Thanks to its super robust case, the rebelde is one of those rare beasts capable of withstanding extreme temperature changes while remaining fully water resistant, even with the crown pulled out.

Some of you might remember a little experiment with the first assembled rebelde which was frozen for 3 hours, then defrosted, yet which didn't miss a beat. Quite frankly, that was the moment I knew we were onto something here at rebelde HQ.

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