Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Well done Maxx Tooling

We are impressed! On Friday we placed an order for a pneumatic-held vice
and it arrived on Monday. That would be an impressive delivery time even for Sydney metro - let alone for a part which flew in from Michigan US.

MAXX specialises in custom engineered and machined parts and tool holders.
If you visit their website you won’t find much about the company (it’s almost an underground operation!). However, they are very serious about quality and precision.

So what is the benefit of a MAXX solution? We can now machine a part in our 5 axes Kern mill and then transfer the same part holder to our Makino EDM to continue with further operations. One part, one holder, two completely different machines and machining processes - no loss in accuracy.

And yes, the EDM clamp held in the MAXX vice was made in Brookvale, in our
workshop. Good job apprentices!

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