Wednesday, June 17, 2020

You are invited

I am a big believer in self promotion.

If you don't tell the world what you stand for or what you are capable of doing, or what specialist service you provide to make customer's life easier and better, then you will die as an old, lonely, poor man.

And if there ever was a self promoting business then it's Rolex. Without doubt, it was Rolex who figured out that even a modest, basic timepiece could be transformed into a luxury item when enough money is poured into advertising. To this day, Rolex advertises and self promotes mercilessly. Yet you will never hear a Rolex owner complaining about Rolex's self-promotion.

On Sunday night Josh, Andrew, Bobby and myself spent a couple of hours in our Brookvale workshop recording a video. The plan was simple: not to advertise, but to share. To invite you to be part of our journey. We want to show you our excitement about what we do. Summed up in one word: watchmaking is hard. It's equally as hard for Swiss, German, American, Chinese and Japanese, as it is hard for a small Australian startup. On Sunday we watched 8 inspiring YouTube videos: Patek, Lange, Greubel Forcey, Leroy and we've felt encouraged to keep pressing on. We also felt compelled to recommend those videos to you, so your appreciation of watchmaking will continue to grow. These videos are not a mere brand advertisement but a journey 'deep down' to a very personal, human level, showing the real people who make real watch parts. You will be impressed with our selection.

Watch it here:

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