Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Collectible Omega Sportswatches from the '70s

Collectible Omega Sportswatches from the '70s
- an Evening with Jon Wallis; April 20, 2011, 5:30pm

Want to know more about the vast range of Omega Sports watches from the 1970s? Need to know your Flightmaster from your Speedmaster and your Constellation from your DeVille? Want to know which are the most accurate and which are the rarest? Contemplating a vintage Omega dive watch and want to understand the range? Want to get to know some quartz watches that actually are collectable? And of course, we hope to answer those questions and more on the night!

So, come along to the presentation on Wednesday, April 20 and Jon Wallis (Author of The PloProf Book and and websites) will talk you through the collectible Omega watches of the decade. Jon will answer your questions too! Feel free to bring along your 70's Omegas on the night so the group can revel in Omega's '70s glory, and of course we can time your watches on the timing machine as well.

BOOKINGS: This is a private session at our premises so seats are strictly limited to 12. To reserve your seat please call us on 02 9232 0500. Cost: $40 per person.

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Amit said...

Hi Nicholas,

Have you considered recording and putting out on the web your talks? Sort of like a TED talk (although am sure your lecture would be far longer than the 20 minute TED norm) on watches?

Long time reader