Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today I came across a vintage watch booklet which had the following slogan on the front page:

Encountering this was one of those moments that, although you are already being aware of it, really drives home the point of just how much times have changed. I mean, really, who could get away with using a slogan like this in 2011?

Anyway, time for a bit of fun...see if you can answer this:

Who is the company that this slogan belongs to, and what year is it from?

A. Patek Philippe, 1942.

B. Jaeger LeCoultre, 1920.

C. Rolex, 1966.

D. Omega, 1947.

Scroll down for the answer!

*NB: This slogan was used for at least 10 years prior! For those interested, an excellent article on the subject written by Jake Ehrlich is available here.

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