Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Betty and Don Draper form Mad Men, Patek Philippe

The best of 1966. The Mad Men are back!

And who would think that so many of us would watch a plotless American TV show with such passion! Like it or not, there is something nostalgic about the 1950s/60s where men were mad and ladies so painfully fashionable.

The series is an absolute feast for the eyes. The colours, decor, costumes, fashion and over and above all: the charming elegance.

You may not believe this, but today, on my way to work, I saw a man wearing a grey Don Draper suit, spotless white shirt, shiny Oxford shoes and - wait for it - a hat!

Now, you may say: well, this look is never going to work in Sydney. And you are quite right, because Don Draper does not text or sms or play silly games on his ipad on public transport like you do. DD is not a sterile, politically correct misogynist-metrosexual. Don was simply a product of a context, a part of it's fabric - not an imitation.

And this is the reason why the look cannot work: we cannot bring the context of the 60s into 2013.

But there is, however, one detail which does not need a context to turn you into a cool and elegant man. An item so contextless which like a black hole bends the time around itself: a vintage watch!

Watercolour by TanyaH.

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