Friday, April 5, 2013

Yesterday, a postman left a 10 kg parcel in front of our office

*** Blessed

Just when I thought I'd seen it all: Bruce arrived the other day to buy a Rolex Explorer I.

He was very adamant that the Explorer I was the only watch to suit his requirements. "I am traveling overseas. I need a simple, reliable watch which would last me for many years." He also said that he is 'de-cluttering' and getting rid of his earthly possessions. I did not take that statement for more than a passing comment. " I like your service" -he said- " and I have something for you, a small present.

Again, I am not a big 'presents' person. A good second hand dealer is one who has no friends and does no favors. And I am more than happy for things to stay that way.

Yesterday, a postman left a 10 kg parcel in front of our office. I wasn't expecting any delivery of that size or volume, and thought we had received some office supplies. The box remained unopened until late afternoon.

"Please accept these watch books as a gift from me. They are second hand and have been packed in a cardboard box, stored in shed for the last 3 years and as you can see have somewhat deteriorated. The Rolex Explorer is performing well and for now, it seems to like gaining +3 seconds per day. So I am very happy with it. Soon I will be traveling, returning into a Buddhist Monastery..."

The box contained eight watch books in very decent condition. Some general, others subject and brand specific. But this was too much of a gift to accept so I instructed my assistant to get in touch with Bruce as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there was no return address. The phone number we have on file answered with a recorded message which sounded to me like a Buddhist song.

Bruce - if you are reading this email - please get back to me. I truly appreciate your present and as small token of appreciation, I have something here which may be useful to you, wherever you may reside. You are a very kind soul and we wish you all the best in your journey.

I am not to comment or dwell for too long on things spiritual. But quite frankly, at least in my books, Bruce could be closer to his destination that most of us would ever be.

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