Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hublot: Cool and uber-cool

Cool and uber-cool

When Ferrari signed a partnership program with Hublot last year, it clearly signaled that putting a red horse sticker on a watch dial is no longer the only requirement for a successful partnership.

Quite frankly - and rightly so - Ferrari was sick of Omega's lack of imagination and Girard Perregaux's laziness. Panerai went a bit further: they actually designed a watch which had some potential but this effort too lacked the most important ingredient: a true avant-garde look and high-tech guts that would leave us all speechless.

In just a few months, Hublot turned the watch-concept world upside down.

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A Ferrari watch is everything and more you would expect it to be: a representation of uber-cool, limited and out of reach for even those who could (almost) afford it.

The LaFerrari MP05 is no longer a watch the Ferrari dealer could throw after the deal was closed or wrap it up as a gift for a new car owner's kid. It is a $300.000 limited edition of 50 Masterpieces which will humble even a new Ferrari owner and make him drool for the next one.

"Ah, if THAT is what they wanted... why the hell didn't they tell us?" said three Swiss makers banging their heads.

As they say in marketing: there is nothing worse than underestimating your client's advertising budget....

Obviously if you are a watch collector on a budget, MP05 will remain on your wish list for a few more months.

But here comes the good news: for a smart and savvy collector, snatching a Pre-Ferrari Hublot back form the times when the brand was still struggling to sell $5K watches (insert here the YEAR 2000) the piece below will provide a load of enjoyment.

Hublot MDM Super Professional 400m is one of those pieces which will one day be a highlight of your collection. In my books: a never to be repeated offer. This 13 years old watch is in mint, 10/10 appears to be unworn. Automatic, of course. On a rubber strap - of course! Otherwise, it would not be a Hublot!

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