Monday, August 5, 2013

Premium: Who you follow determines your final destination.

If you have recently subscribed to our newsletter then you may not be aware that the newsletter has been around since September 2001. Some years were busier than others, but we are still very excited about keeping you updated with new watch arrivals.

It would be too modest to ignore your feedback: thanks to this very newsletter, many of you now regard us as not just 'another second hand watch dealer' but someone who week after week provides valuable content and helps you to have a better understanding of horology.

Actually, you often say that the 'Watchmaker's Newsletter' is your most anticipated piece of email and something you read first, without delay. You appreciate and understand the amount of work that goes into each and every email. And yes, quite frankly, even a two-paragraph newsletter with a bunch of images could take a whole day to prepare because we are not a 'copy and paste cat' but rather providers of original content.

The bottom line is: you love it, the readership is increasing steadily and we are grateful for your long standing support.

There is however one small detail: in recent months we have been receiving frequent requests for what you call a 'premium' list. Some of you feel that as we grow, the chances of snatching that desirable timepiece are diminishing. Others want even more 'personal' content, more frequent emails, more horology or to be placed on a priority alert list.

For years, we purposely avoided the creation of any exclusive list. The truth is, we still believe that the best way to sell pre-owned watches is on a first come, first served basis. The second reason to keep the things as they are: we have already stretched our resources and more administrative work means less watchmaking. The third reason: this mailing list should remain FREE to all.

However those who call themselves 'experts in customer service' have convinced me that when there is a strong demand for a 'product' then we should do our best to meet those expectations and provide a frequently requested service.

As of this week, in addition to our existing FREE mailing list, we will accept subscriptions to our Premium list. For just $99 per year you will receive 52 Premium Newsletters.

I can straight away list 20 reasons why you should immediately go to a Premium subscription. Instead, let me just point out two:

1. As a Premium subscriber you will be entitled to a $99 refund on your next watch purchase. You get your subscription money back, and still remain on Premium list.

2. You will be entitled to TWO free Insurance Valuations in your first year as paid subscriber. As we charge $95 per valuation to our regular customers, not only you will get your subscription money back AND remain on the Premium list but you will be $91 ahead.

With an offer like this, I will sleep well knowing that the deal is fair and mutually beneficial. Actually, the offer is so good that you will never request to be unsubscribed!

For the majority of our existing subscribers, things will remain exactly as they are: a free mailing list with plenty of new arrivals, mailed out 3 or 4 times per week - an email you would be proud to receive and forward to your friends.

And for those who want even more exciting deals, who understand that timing is everything and appreciate the value of professional service, Premium will be a logical step forward.

"Which way should I go ?" asked Alice.
"Where do you want to go?" replied the Cat.
"Oh, it really doesn't matter." answered Alice.
"Then it really doesn't make any difference which way you go." grinned the Cheshire Cat.

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