Saturday, June 11, 2016

Watchmaker's Apprentice Wanted: Sydney Watches Pty Ltd / rebelde

Watchmaker's Apprentice Wanted

* Hands-on training by third-generation Master Watchmaker
* CAD training
* Prestigious Culwulla Chambers workshop in the middle of Sydney CBD
* Above-industry wages
* In conjunction with Sydney TAFE Diploma - 3 years course
* Guaranteed employment for the right candidate
* Opportunity to be part of an Australian watch brand story
* Endless learning opportunity: work on high grade mechanical watches
* Introduction to top Australian watch collectors
* Further career opportunities: Micro-Engineering, Design, overseas studies.

We are SPECIFICALLY looking for young and enthusiastic apprentices to undertake 3 years of Watchmaking study, aged 16-19 years. There is the possibility of accommodation assistance available for an interstate candidate. However we will consider all other applicants, regardless of age.

Send your CV/Resume to

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