Monday, July 4, 2016

Announcing rebelde50

At exactly 10pm on August 19, 1930 the arch was successfully joined.
Dr JJC Bradfield, the Chief Engineer and father of the Sydney Harbour Bridge could hardly contain his excitement: it was his vision, engineering expertise and detailed supervision of all aspects of its construction which had brought the long-held dream into reality. 
The bridge was almost ready, and soon, the last of the 6 million Australian-made rivets were driven through the bridge platform. The following month, it was test-loaded with 96 steam locomotives. Eighty-five years later, it stands as firm and as strong as on that day it was finished.

Engineer Bradfield was a dreamer - but in his mind, from the very beginning of the project, he knew exactly what he was doing: he was building an imposing piece of stone and metalwork which would last for generations.

So did Utzen, when he designed the Sydney Opera House. 
The rebelde office is located in the Culwulla Chambers Building - another monumental Sydney project. It was built in 1911 and at that time, it was the tallest building in Sydney. Actually, it remained the tallest building in NSW for the next 50 years!

Great ideas, big dreams and grand plans don't always become a reality. But for those that do, they appear to have something in common: the vision to achieve and accomplish something that will last for generations.

This week Josh and I have built two watchmaker’s benches in our workshop. Of course, we could have easily ordered them from Switzerland, but we choose to build them ourselves. Josh picked thick Queensland Maple and Tasmanian Oak planks and we spent 3 long weeks cutting and polishing this magnificent Australian wood. The benches are now almost ready, and we are proud of our workmanship: the 2.8m long double bench contains not one screw or nail. Many nights we stayed up well past midnight, sometimes arguing, sometimes joking, yet we thoroughly enjoyed the project. At times when we felt tired and discouraged we told each other that if we could not build the best watchmaker’s bench ever, then we don't deserve to design and build a watch and that thought kept us going. The bird-eye spots in the maple are just magnificent. The thick bench will easily outlast many watchmakers who will work on it.
The bench is here to stay, as well as Culwulla Chambers, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge we cross twice every day. There is simply something money cannot buy: the feeling of lasting achievement.

In the day and age when goods are built to last for only a year or two - five if you are lucky - Josh and I are proud to be part of something much larger and much more lasting. Today, we would like to offer you a very special opportunity: to become an owner of a watch which will not only last for the next fifty years, but which will be GUARANTEED to be fully operational for next 50 years.
Our offer is simple: if you invest in rebelde50, your watch will come with our written guarantee that for the next 50 years you will not have to spend one cent on servicing or spare parts replacement and this will include even a leather strap replacement! We will take full care of your watch and whenever it needs any repair, you will just bring it to Culwulla Chambers and we'll repair it FREE OF CHARGE for the next 50 years!

Yes I know this offer sounds absolutely crazy, but hey - we are serious and we are committed to offer you something no other watch brand in the world can. I sincerely hope I will be around long enough to look after your rebelde50 for at least the next two decades. And Josh who is now 18 will ensure that your rebelde50 is ticking at least until his retirement in 2066.

No one knows what the future will bring. But we know that the Harbour Bridge is here to stay and that if we think big and bold then rebelde will be here to stay as well. If Josh and I can't help you personally, someone else will. The idea of a 50 years guarantee is powerful enough that it will always attract one clever watchmaker who will proudly take the project over and look after your watch.

We are ready to take your order for a limited edition of 50 pieces of rebelde50. You pay a one-off price of $5,000 for your watch and you will never, ever, for the next 50 years have to pay one cent for servicing or parts. It’s simple as that.

We are not in a hurry so take your time to decide. Whether we sell one or fifty pieces is totally irrelevant: what matters is the message we are sending out: rebelde is here to stay and we are committed to a project like no other watchmaker out there. With an offer like this, once again, we have proven that rebelde has no competition. If you wish to become a part of our big dream then you are more than welcome to join us - not only as a customer but as a visionary. Your support is truly appreciated. 


Technical description:

- Batch of 50 pieces, individually numbered F01 to F50
- Case: 44m Surgical Steel 316L brush/high polished
- Pilots-style ribbed bezel
- Sapphire crystal top, see-through case back crystal
- Movement: Honey Gold Plated Swiss movement with rebelde laser-engraved bridge. Exclusively custom-made for rebelde swan neck regulator and gold balance wheel.
- Manual wind.
- Water resistance: 10 bar
- Leather strap and rebelde steel buckle
- Guaranteed for fifty years: rebelde50 comes with 10 complete overhauls at 5 yearly intervals and up to 20 leather straps. Guarantee includes parts and labour. (*Damage resulting from lack of care/accidental damage will not be covered by guarantee)

- Price: $4,545 + GST (AUD $5,000)

Note: we are planning on re-issuing some of our standard sold-out models of Pilots and Control Tower in the future. The price of stainless steel models will remain the same at $2,500.

Happy collecting,


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