Friday, May 29, 2009

A tribute to Frankenstein

Here is a rare beauty that you won’t see often: a stunning IWC Portugueser, dating back to the early 1930s. The 48mm steel case seems like it has been manufactured only yesterday – a timeless design!

This impressive watch is fitted with an 8-day power reserve, manual wind movement.

1930's IWC Portugueser

1930's IWC Portugueser

1930's IWC Portugueser

Before you rush to click on my email button to ask the proverbial "how much for cash" question, allow me to disclose one minor detail: this watch is unfortunately fake!

Yes, the watch’s movement is indeed a genuine IWC movement from the 1930s; but it is designed and manufactured for a pocket watch! In addition, the completely fake dial is accompanied with original hands and the stainless steel case has been recently manufactured either in India or China.

Some sophisticated con artist might call this a tribute to IWC watches or a marriage but to me, this is nothing but fraud because it was produced to deceive.

For a watch to be a genuine piece, all of the components need to be created under the same workshop by the same maker at the same time. Unscrupulous "watchmakers" who assemble watches from new, old, inappropriate of after-market parts remind me of Dr. Frankenstein, the man who created a monster.



Perpetuelle said...

I fully agree - this is indeed a Franken-watch. Very deceptive, though!

Nice blog - just stumbled across it the other day!


Anonymous said...

Where does the seller claim this to be anything other a franken?? see these regularly on ebay, but always described honestly as exactly what they are, an old pocket watch movement in a new case???