Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing the DivorceMaker 3.0

There is no other watch winder out there that would test your relationship
like the DivorceMaker. Apart from a written approval from your wife,
you would also need a Council permit to install such a powerful piece of equipment.

It is big. It is heavy. It glows in the dark. It is 100% silent.
And yes, it will leave your watch mates speechless.

Of course, once you bring it home, you will sleep on the couch until Christmas.
But it is worth it. The most salivated-over 9 unit watch winder we have ever dared to display.

Built for the bravest of all, and priced accordingly. $1,800.

We also carry a range of smaller winders for the newlyweds.
See them at

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