Monday, November 11, 2013

Making my own watch

Designed, assembled, adjusted, and guaranteed in Australia.

Well, that is as much as we can do right now. Which is, quite frankly, ambitious and plenty
for a small watchmaker working on a "from-scratch" watch project, mainly in my spare time.

The design is almost over, with just a few small issues to be ironed out.

Yes, it took longer than I originally anticipated (but isn't that the nature of any mechanical project?), but I really have no other option than to try to get it right in the first go.

While I am mentored by a case maker who is actually going to machine the case
out of a solid piece of steel, I am doing my best to incorporate all
the important features which will (hopefully) make the watch
both durable and serviceable.

I am not going to bore you with details (this email would be 60 pages long),
but the bottom line is: we are making some serious progress!

If all goes well, the CNC machining will start next week.
And that will be the moment of truth, when the bezel and case back will meet the main case body,
hopefully nicely aligned and perfectly water-tight.

The image below is a drawing of the cross section of the bezel (1930's pilot style).
The bit circled in red is further enlarged, provided here to illustrate the complexity.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated.
If you have a special design request, then you better hurry up before the
ink dries :-)

Happy collecting,
Nick Hacko

PS. No, I am *NOT* taking any orders yet, so please don't ask. Thank you.
I know some of you are very excited, but talking about orders just distracts me from the work.
No money will be taken until the entire batch is assembled, adjusted, and tested on my bench.
No, I don't have a firm price either, but my intention is to keep the price below $1,500.
Equally unknown is the number of pieces in the first production batch,
but at this stage it looks like 75 pieces.

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