Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Walking the walk - Large wrists? No problem! Extra long straps in stock

A couple years ago I wrote an article in which, in fairly strong terms,
I questioned some economic fundamentals.

Here is one such example:
Since when does two pairs of Italian leather shoes cost less than an Italian leather watch strap?

And more importantly, why are we all so gullible to accept and put up with such craziness?

The answer to both questions is the same:
there is just not enough competition in the watch strap market!

Oh yes, I am always happy to be whinging about something -- but talk is cheap.

When the zero/nine project came along, it was obvious that
I would be in need of some decent, hand-made, hand-stitched Italian leather straps.

One thing lead to another, and a few months later
I'd found a manufacturer who is willing to support our project.

The first batch of straps is now sitting on my desk.

Of course, this baby step is just that - a small attempt to offer you something
I am proud of. A watch strap I can sign with my own name.

If you are blessed with a 'normal' size wrist then there are hundreds of
watches already fitted with a strap that will easily fit your wrist.
Finding a spare or replacement strap is easy.
What you are unaware of is an even larger group of Australian men
who simply can not find a strap to fit their large wrists!

This is the second reason why I wanted my own straps:
each and every colour and width would also come as an XL version.
"I like it, but do you have an XL size?" Yes, I do. In stock.

I am not going to bore you with all the stuff you already know about leather straps.
That a good strap is as important as a watch itself. That ladies may have never heard
of Panerai or Breitling, yet they can spot straight away without any mistake,
exotic leather, quality of stitching, and the unique charm of a vintage and robust look.

The bottom line is this: right now, I can offer you only two styles of straps in two sizes and with two
different lengths. I welcome your order. If you have a Panerai, Breitling, Omega, or any other watch
which is fitted with either 22mm or 24mm, give me a call. Or even better, visit me in person.

I am new to straps but I am convinced that the NH strap will meet your expectations.
I am also happy to offer a 1 year guarantee, just in case. Peace of mind.

Price: $88 regardless of style or size. Buy two or more and receive a free shipping.

Style A
Chocolate brown calf with croco pattern
22mm standard
22mm XL
24mm standard
24mm XL
$88 each

Style B
Pilots Vintage Jacket Raw Sienna Natural, calf
22mm standard
22mm XL
24mm standard
24mm XL
$88 each

More styles coming soon!

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